Systematize Your Business – Sales

Doing “marketing” is only half of your business development process. The other half is figuring out , now that you have their attention, how to easily get your prospects to buy from you. Converting shoppers to buyers requires a system for follow-up. This is not about being pushy, it is about building relationships. People buy

63 Reasons Why it is Better to Hire an ICF Credentialed Business Coach

Today, the International Coach Federation (ICF) shared the much anticipated updated version of the ICF Core Competency Model. This model provides a comprehensive set of coaching standards for an ICF credentialed coach to follow. As a small business owner looking to hire a business coach, it is essential to know the difference between a credentialed

Systemize Your Business—Change

We love a routine. We get up, get ready for work, and go through our routine. Maybe we head to our favourite coffee shop. It’s not one of the chains because we feel good about helping the local community. We know all the people there and usually when they see us in line, they start

Systematize Your Business – Cash

We’ve all had that moment—our tax bill shows up on schedule, but we forgot about it and we are wondering how are we are going to pay it. Or an unexpected repair on a critical machine stresses us out. But there are higher costs when it comes to not having cash flow or even reserves

Systematize Your Business – Systems

Every action that is currently happening in your organization, either as planned or as decided by the individuals who do them, are the systems that are getting you the results you currently have. If you are happy with these results you will benefit further from documenting these systems so that you can continue to produce

Systematize Your Business – Coach

When we think of a coach, our opinions vary! We might have had a coach during our sports years that inspired us and got us (literally) moving in the right direction. Or we may have a had a coach that blew the whistle, barked, yelled and although she got us moving in the right direction—it

Why taking a month off is good for Business

Taking a month off is good for you, it’s good for your physical and mental health and it is good for business. When you take time off your head clears, you are able to see new possibilities and opportunities, you have more energy to work on your business and you have balance. Most (closer to

Bad Business Decisions

Take a step back and look at the whole system and imagine the impact of your decision.  Business systems are complex, consider that when you change one thing you change everything.

Dad thinks business coaches are MEN in blue suits

A few years back I took my 75 year old dad out for dinner.  On the drive there he said that he had a question about my work and not to be offended.  Well you know when someone prefaces a question in this way you better brace yourself. He asked me “How do you get