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Business Leadership

Wolves & Business: A Story About Business Succession and Leadership

The changes in the park's environment remind me of the changes that took place in an organization I have been working with. In this case, the leader, who for sure can be described as a "Wolf," stepped away from his post as leader a few years ago. He was distracted by the good life, a loss of physical energy and the notion that maybe his kids could run the company.
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Customer Service Strategies For Small Business

6 Simple Steps to Providing the Kind of Customer Service that Gets People Talking

Is it worth investing in your customer service system? Ask anyone when they received the best customer service. Odds are, they will regale a story about a company that reduced a charge, or an airline that held a flight and saved their day. Ask them whether they'll continue buying from that company and you'll hear about their deep loyalty and how much they recommend or repeatedly buy from that company.
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Appreciative Inquiry: A Simple Tool to Solve Complex Business Problems

Imagine how smoothly things would run if people on your team had a tool to easily solve even your most complex personal and business problems? That tool exists and it's call Appreciative Inquiry. For most of us when faced with a big problem or frustration, the natural tendency is to hyper-focus on the problem. What went wrong? Who's fault is it? Why are they so stupid?
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System For Scheduling Appointments And Tasks

Getting Your System Together for Scheduling Tasks and Appointments

Prior to owning a smartphone I missed a lot of deadlines and appointments. Prior to auto-debit online banking I missed a lot of payments. In fact, going way back I remember getting a Hydro disconnection notice for non-payment even though I had enough money in my bank account to pay my bills. The cost was huge in terms of my credit and my bank account paying all that interest and at times penalties. Being a strategic business owner means taking the time to figure out what you need to do when and actually putting those tasks into some form of calendar that will prompt and remind you to take action. Those items can be bills due, employee performance plans to complete, tax returns to file and even an annual vacation to book because you know if you don't write it down, chances are it either won't happen or will happen late.
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