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Organized and Profitable®
Strengthen and Grow your Small Business

This 5-month business training program was designed for Small Business Owners looking for a more practical business management training option.

There is NO time to get an MBA, take this course instead!

What do you really want out of your business?

Have you ever:

If you have, you are not alone. Most small business owners have had similar desires.

What if you could structure your business in a way that brings you prosperity, and allows you the freedom to create the life you want?

With a little help, you can own the business you’ve dreamed of.​

Organized & Profitable® - Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs, is a 5-month Small Business Development Program, built to help you achieve the freedom and prosperity that motivated you to start your business in the first place.

Looking for real impact? Watch This!

This LIVE training is led by a Certified Systems Business Coach® instructor.

Get your business back on track and better than before.

Start getting the results you want on day one.

Join because you NEED this training, stay because you LOVE this training!
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Beyond Covid - Strengthen and Grow your Small Business

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Cohort Education

Systems Business Coach® uses the Cohort Learning model. This style of learning fosters strong connections between you, your instructor and the other participants. Join a small group of 8-12 small business owners from different industries and geographical locations. Collaborate through engaging conversations that build trust and form bonds. This model ensures all participants are engaged, seen, heard, and understood.

Applied Learning

You tackle your own business challenges, opportunities and growth by applying our proven curriculum. We respond directly to what you need and strengthen your organization.

You are busy running your company. That’s why we offer direct applied learning. No need to wait until the end of the course to see results. Our program materials are designed to teach and effectively apply practical business principles. You’ll see positive changes that support growth and stability. Feel successful at every step.

What's Included?

Roadmap to getting organized and profitable

Program Schedule:

Module 1 | Values & Goals

Module 2 | Work Strategically

Module 3 | Think Systems

Module 4 | Track Your Money

Module 5 | Getting Help

Module 6 | Marketing

Module 7 | Promoting and Selling

Module 8 | Get Profitable

Module 9 | Stay Compliant

Module 10 | Take Care of Yourself

This is the program for you if...

You are in the right place.
Learn the step by strategic step route to become organized and profitable in 5 months.

It includes all the tools, templates, scripts, and strategies to work ON your business so you can enjoy greater prosperity and freedom.

What is the Time Commitment?

Being pressured by time

We know first-hand how busy you are.

Our founder built ran, and sold her own 3 million dollar a year business. She understands the time and effort you put in everyday.

That’s why we want every second you put into this course to count. The more strategic work you do here, the faster you can extract yourself from the busy daily tasks that keep you tied to your business.

This course will initially add to your workload by at least 5 hours per week. 

The work is fun because it’s practical. No theories here! It’s real live learning, in real time, with a real business…YOURS!

You get 48 hours of instruction and support. Plus 100 hours of fieldwork that brings positive, immediate results to your business. Spend just five months on this course and get a business that makes you profitable and free for as long as you want.

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Did You Know?

Canada and British Columbia Governments Support Small Business Skills Training with Training Grants.


Is your small business in BC? Apply for a B.C. Employer Training Grant that may cover up to two thirds of the cost of Business Management Training courses like Organized & Profitable™. Other Canadian Provinces have similar grants that may help cover training costs.
Create a profitable business

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Massive action means massive results. Organized & Profitable™ requires dedicated time and your full commitment. If you attend every meeting and complete all fieldwork but are not convinced this is right for you, we will refund 100% of your tuition.
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When Does the Next Group Start?

The next start date for Organized & Profitable™ is August 2021. Even if you are just curious, reach out and ask to talk to one of our trainers. We are here to help you build the business you’ve always wished you could own.
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Is this Program Right for My Industry?

The Organized & Profitable™ series of courses have created 150+ new full-time jobs, is responsible for 1,500+ happier employees, and has led to $20+ million new annual revenue.
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Organized & Profitable™ Just Works

Since the beginning, Organized & Profitable™ has achieved a 97% completion rate. The training industry average is only 17%. This program works if you do!
The Organized & Profitable™ business development road map to Small Business Success is the most comprehensive and practical guide ever developed.

Upcoming Sessions

March 11 - July 29 2021
$695.00 CAD / month

April 7 – August 11 2021
$695.00 CAD / month

October 6 2021 – February 16 2022
$695.00 CAD / month

Sign up and forever change the way you experience business ownership. Getting Organized & Profitable® with like minded entrepreneurs is way more fun than being stressed, alone and broke.
Sign up and forever change the way you experience business ownership. Getting Organized & Profitable® with like minded entrepreneurs is way more fun than being stressed, alone and broke.
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The Small Business Field Guide | Systems Business Coach

The Small Business Field Guide

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Small Business, BIG Opportunity

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Target Market Analysis Template

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How the Canadian Government Supports Small Businesses with Training and Coaching

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