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Start now to create exactly the business you always meant to have.

With a little help you can create your dream company.

By working with a business coach who is specifically trained to help you change the way you think and act in your business, you will get results and experience freedom.

You’ve tried it on your own – isn’t it time you had someone with experience building and organizing successful companies in your corner? If your business has not been getting the results you want a Systems Business Coach® can help.

Yes! I need a Business Coach

Hire a Business Coach for Private One-on-One Training

Your schedule, at your pace for optimal strategic business systems development

You need laser focus and dedicated time to address your unique business.

You want a coach by your side to hone in on direct solutions for your business and support you to achieve your goals.

Choose 2, 3, or 4 meetings a month depending on how fast you want to accelerate.

Longer meetings with written follow up and accountability.

"Don’t think you can afford a business coach? Try our small group coaching option"

Group Business Coaching Program

Learn with like minded inspiring Entrepreneurs

Join our Super Popular Group
Business Coaching Program

You have been told you need systems and are ready to take action to transform your business to run more independent of you. You are tired of doing everything yourself and being the keeper of all the company’s knowledge in your head. You are ready to develop a strong team that will support you in achieving your vision and you want to grow your customer base and of course your revenue.

You are in the right place. Step by strategic step we have mapped out the route to becoming organized and profitable in this 10-month business systems development program. A little bit of peer pressure, a whole lot of coach support and a proven modern business training model that includes all the tools, templates, scripts and strategies to fully work ON your business so that you can have prosperity AND freedom.

Canadian Federal and British Columbia Provincial Governments
Support Skills Training for Small Business owners with Training Grants.


BC Small Business owners are encouraged to apply for a B.C. Employer Training Grant that if approved may cover up to $5000.00 of the cost of the tuition for our Small Business Training programs. Other Canadian Provinces have similar grants that may help with Tuition.

Program Guarantee

This program requires dedicated time and commitment. If you have attended all four meetings and completed the fieldwork and are not satisfied that this is a good fit for you, we will refund 100% of your tuition after the first month.

When does the next Group Coaching program start?

Next start date for Organized & Profitable™ – Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs is January 2019

Even if you are just curious, reach out and ask to talk to one of our coaches, we are here to help you be successful in Business!

 Hiring a business coach and working on leadership growth, profitability, culture and systemization makes everything else fall into place.  Our strategic business development road map to small business success is the most comprehensive and practical ever developed.

  Our pricing reflects our commitment to small business owners with an option for every budget.

$597 CDN
per month 
$497 USD
per month 
per month 
per month 

Two 90 minute 1:1  in person, on Zoom or on the phone meetings with your Systems Business Coach.

Written follow-up outlining up to 5 hours of actionable activities per week working towards your business goals.

This is an affordable place to start allowing you to work on greater profitability, growth and of course systematizing your business.  Having a business coach and full access to our proven business templates, tools, strategies and systems you will see an immediate difference in how you lead your organization.  We will help you find the time to work “on” your business.  Program time averages  18 – 24  months.  
Choose this plan
$1197 CDN
per month
$997 USD
per month
€797 EUR
per month
£697 GBP
per month

Four 90 minute 1:1  in person, on Zoom or on the phone meetings with your Systems Business Coach.

Written follow-up outlining up to 5 hours of actionable activities per week working towards your business goals.

If you are serious about getting your business house in order “right now” this is the best plan.  Weekly meetings give you greater accountability to stay on track moving towards your business goals.  Learn to focus intensely “on” your business with the support you need to achieve your initial business goals. Average engagement is 12 – 18 months  or longer, because it works and things keep getting better when you have a business coach on your side!
Choose this plan
$897 CDN
per month
$747 USD
per month
€597 EUR
per month
£527 GBP
per month

Three 90 minute 1:1 in meetings in person, on Zoom or on the phone meetings with your Systems Business Coach.

Written follow-up outlining up to 5 hours of actionable activities per week working towards your business goals.

This has been our most popular plan for small business owners who are really, really busy with growing companies.  Affordable and just the right amount of  time to work “on” your business each month.  Suggested investment time of 12-24 months or longer.  Many of our small business owner clients find coaching so valuable that they have kept their same business coach for years.
Choose this plan

Rates are per month for one participant and are paid monthly in advance via credit card or auto debit. Add a one time registration fee of $197.00 CDN that includes a confidential business assessment, 90-minute initial meeting with your coach and  a copy of the Systems Business Coach® 120 page workbook including shipping.

Things happen in business outside of anyone’s control so we don’t force our clients into long term contracts. Cancel at any time with a week’s notice and we’ll refund any unused meetings. We built this program for you and we work hard to earn your trust and confidence every step of the way.

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