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Working with Jennifer means having focused time all about you. She creates a practical, open atmosphere that makes you feel like anything is possible. With experience in small business development and project management, Jennifer can help you set your business up for success.
Her experience as a project manager (CSM – Certified ScrumMaster) means she knows how to strategize so your impossible list of to-do’s becomes manageable and clear. Jennifer has worked with organizations across various industries—including retail, service, consulting and technology. No matter what phase your business is in, Jennifer can help you identify your goals, develop a strategy and execute a plan that supports your organization’s vision and values. 
Jennifer has worked with Systems Business Coach for 3.5 years, developing small businesses on the backend before she stepped into the role of a coach. Jennifer knows the process of owning a small business, from the internal organization and systems, all the way to promotion and retention stategies. Her hands-on experience at SBC is paired with a BA in Marketing and Management Information Systems and accreditation from Coaching Out of the Box.
Running a small business is not easy and comes with a number of responsibilities, Jennifer can support you to find the calm through it all.
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