Learn how to build YOUR profitable small business

Taking this 10 month small business development course will get you Organized & Profitable faster than struggling to figure everything out on your own.   

Most business owners know how they want their companies to operate, but they lack an effective strategy, business knowledge and the time to fully realize their full potential. This Business Training Program will finally give you the big-picture roadmap of your business and the hands on support you’ve been wanting.

A Business Development Blueprint That Will Coordinate All Aspects of Business Ownership

When you finish this training, you’ll know how to create an organized and profitable business that works. Finally understand and implement the core elements of a successful business that if you choose can run independent of you.

Start with your leadership strategy that generates the confidence, knowledge, and exact support your business needs in order to grow. You’ll also learn how to identify the weak spots in your company’s operations, so you can focus on fixing the areas with the most room for improvement first. Improve your financial knowledge and learn how to hire effectively, both skills critical to small business success. End with creating your marketing strategy that will fuel growth and personal freedom. 10 months start to finish.

A Predictable & Repeatable Way to Gain Prosperity and Personal Freedom owning a Business

This is better than going to university or trying to figure everything out on your own. Business success happens when the leader strategically designs it to be so. Today, get a system you can use to transform your experience of owning a business from frustration to freedom, both financial and personal. Join now and for the next 10 months get the support, knowledge, tools, templates and accountability you need to make your business work for you.

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What's Inside The Organized & Profitable -
Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs?

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A Strategic Roadmap of Your Business Operations

  • Systematize your business once and for all creating your operations manual so that you are not the only one who knows how you want things done. Get a template and the support you need to start building a turn key business that can run independent of you if you choose.
  • Learn to carve out the time to work Strategically on your business.
  • Gain the foundational knowledge you need to to intentionally and predictably organize your day-to-day business activities to maximize your companies potential.
  • The #1 strategy you need to finally feel like you have control over your business and how to implement that strategy by your entire team to leverage your ability to scale.

Would you like to develop your operations Manual?

Design your business to pay yourself enough to be worth the effort.

  • Fully understand where your money is going to and coming from and what it really costs you to deliver each product or service you offer.
  • Structure your business finances so that your model has profit built in and you are paying yourself at least a market wage for the work that you do
  • Learn to price your products and services profitably.
  • Gain the foundational knowledge you need fully understand your business finances. Never be late on tax payments or wages again with the right understanding and systems in place.

Are you making enough money for the effort you are putting out?

This Training works.

Created by a sucessful small business owner for the sucess of small business
owners, including YOU!

Linda Chu

Out of Chaos: Professional Organizer

   You owe it to the success of your business to look into Organized & Profitable™. You have heard about working ON the business and not IN the business, this is the program that shows you how.   

Ever had a Bad Hire? In this training Learn the secrets of
building a strong team.

  • Hiring employees can be frightening and risky. With the right systems in place you mitigate that risk and have the opportunity to finally get the help you want.
  • Get everyone on your team working towards the same end fully trained and ready to do the right work the right way.
  • Gain the foundational knowledge you need to to manage people and create a company culture where everyone proudly contributes.

Need help hiring, motivating and monitoring your team?

What is your Promise to Your Customers? Answer this
one question to build trust for growth.

  • A vision, mission and values are more than just words on a poster, learn what they mean and how to use them to lead your team, get funding and attract the customers you want.
  • Determine your annual, monthly, weekly and even daily goals to that you can take affirmative action to achieve them consistently.
  • Gain insight into your own leadership style and make adjustments to gain control and confidence.

Need a better way to attract new clients and keep the ones you have?

Your Coach.

You’re in great hands.  Systems Business Coach® Founder Beverlee Rasmussen is the primary course instructor.  Beverlee  is an award winning,  professional certified Business Coach, with a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience working directly with over 300 small business owners.   Beverlee will both help you and hold you accountable for real results in your own company every step of the way.

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Getting Organized & Profitable™ with like minded entrepreneurs is way more fun and productive  than being stressed and struggling to figure everything out on your own.

USD $495
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CAD $595
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Start Marketing effectively to easily attract all the customers you want.

  • Chances are you know how to reach your ideal prospect and turn them into a buyer, you just need a better system in place to make that happen consistency. In this course we will help you build it.
  • Everything everyone in your company does in your business is marketing and sales. Identify the gaps and leverage your service and values strengths to attract more customers.
  • Demystify social media, networking, online marketing, and other lead generating activities and put together a plan that makes sense for YOUR company.

What is included?

What a business owner needs to get Organized & Profitable™ is a strategic practical road map with guided learning on how to use and implement the most effective business design and development tools. This ten-month course offers both the tools and the training to ensure that your business has the best chance for growth and profitability while at the same time developing strategies and habits that improve work life balance and personal wealth.

monthly live webinars
delivered online

small group strategic
training sessions

Page workbook matching
the online content, shipped
directly to your door

Infinite possibilities!
Change the way you experience
business ownership forever!

Accountability and support all the way to the bank,

Join Organized & Profitable™ – Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs Now.

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USD $495
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CAD $595
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If you don’t love the program in the first 30 days we’ll refund 100% of your tuition.

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