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What is the ‘Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs'?

A Strategic Roadmap and Mentorship program to gain Profitability and Personal Freedom for Small Business Owners

Most business owners know how they want their companies to operate, but they lack an effective strategy, business knowledge and the time to fully realize their full potential. This Business Training Program will finally give you the big-picture roadmap of your business and the hands on support you’ve been wanting.

A Business Development Blueprint That Will Coordinate All Aspects of Business Ownership

When you finish this training, you’ll know how to create an organized and profitable business that works. Finally understand and implement the core elements of a successful business that if you choose can run independent of you.


Start with your leadership strategy that generates the confidence, knowledge, and exact support your business needs in order to grow. You’ll also learn how to identify the weak spots in your company’s operations, so you can focus on fixing the areas with the most room for improvement first. Improve your financial knowledge and learn how to hire effectively, both skills critical to small business success. End with creating your marketing strategy that will fuel growth and personal freedom. 10 months start to finish.

A Predictable & Repeatable Way to Gain Prosperity and Personal Freedom owning a Business

This is better than going to university or trying to figure everything out on your own. Business success happens when the leader strategically designs it to be so . Today, get a system you can use to transform your experience of owning a business from frustration to freedom, both financial and personal. Join now and for the next 10 months get the support, knowledge, tools, templates and accountability you need to make your business work for you.

…Loving your business?

USD $497.00

per month

CAD $597.00

per month

EUR €397.00

per month

GBP £347.00

per month

10-month Program
When Does it Start?
start date

Next group starts Winter 2019

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Sign up and forever change the way you experience
business ownership.
Getting Organized & Profitable® with
like minded entrepreneurs is way more fun than being
stressed, alone and broke.

Powerful Business Growth

If you want success - and really success is based on having the right systems and strategies, then Beverlee is the expert to make that happen. I have experienced these results over and over again as well as watching other people that have used business coaching and systems to achieve massive success and results. I can't recommend her highly enough to people "stuck" in their business!

Victoria Biggs

Coaching can give everyone a deeper clarity of all areas of your business. It helps you look at and work on long term goals daily.   My coach assisted me in understanding that I know what will be successful in my business and to stay focused on that, and find my confidence around being firm with others regarding my business model.

Elizabeth Walker

My business coach has given me the confidence  to move forward with my business. I have the experience of working with her and probably my biggest take away was that I do not have to do this alone. I now know that no matter what challenge I come across in my business, I know that there is someone out there that can help me move through it. There are answers, and for that I am grateful.


Carol Surbey
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