Learn How You Can
Pivot Your Business During COVID-19

Webinar for
Small Business Entrepreneurs

Has COVID-19 forced your business to change?

How will you flow from that change to recover, strengthen and even grow your business?

Learn how you can pivot your business during these uncertain times.

Share your own experience that you've had with COVID-19 and your business and listen to other entrepreneurs' stories with their businesses.
Work with a Certified Systems Business Coach and learn how you can utilize our Strategic vs Tactical tool.

This opportunity is for entrepreneurs who want to make sense of all that's happened and about the future.
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July 22nd at 1:30 PM CST

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Items Covered:

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How has COVID-19 impacted your business? What have you done to cope?
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Discover what you strategically need to focus on vs. just doing tactical work.
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Identify what needs to change to be ready for what’s next? How will you respond to what COVID-19 has taught you?

Your Presenter

Tim Snell

Tim is an experienced executive leader with over 30 years of experience leading in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Bringing that experience, along with his insight as a certified leadership and small business coach, allows him to help guide you and your business to new levels of success using confidential coaching, professional assessments, and best-in-class systems-focused tools.

Tim Snell

This webinar will help you in these areas:

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Take small but sustainable steps in terms of the changes you want to make.

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Ensure that everyone in their business feels comfortable.

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Understanding each other's circumstances and first and foremost making sure they’re healthy both physically and mentall.

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Hire and train productive employees.

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Increase company value.