2012 – The Year to Celebrate!

2012 is the year to celebrate

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As has been a tradition in our home we give the new Year a theme….for us 2012  is “The Year to Celebrate”.  In past years we have had “The Year of the Family” where we focused on “fun family Friday’s”  and other kid/parent participation activities and purposely had more extended family dinners.  We had “The Year to Finish” where we together sat down and made a list of all the unfinished projects in our lives and then set out a plan over that next 12 months to get them DONE!   This year is all about Celebrating. Celebrating our health, our kids, and our ability to live the life we always imaged.    When working with executives I often find they are so hard on themselves and rarely ever stop to celebrate their achievements or their abundance and blessings.  What is great in your life?  What have you accomplished these past few years that you are proud of?  Are there relationships in your life that are amazing?  How do you celebrate them?  Celebrating is a form of gratitude… a chance to feel the joy of all that is working, of lessons learned from what didn’t work, and for just being you.

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