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Last Chance for the Canada BC Job Grant?

Last Chance For The Canada BC Job Grant?
If you have not heard of the Canada BC Job Grant the highlight benefit of the program for BC's Entrepreneurs is  a non-repayable grant that covers 2/3 of the cost of  training up to $10,000.00 per qualified small business owner.
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Can Small Business Owners call in Sick?

Can Small Business Owners Call In Sick?
Entrepreneurs building and running companies remind me of machines.  They are powerful, strong and always on. That is until their batteries run out or they break down.   They go 24/7 for months, years even decades working harder than anyone I know that has a "job".
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Wolves & Business: A Story About Business Succession and Leadership

Wolves & Business: A Story About Business Succession And Leadership
The changes in the park's environment remind me of the changes that took place in an organization I have been working with. In this case, the leader, who for sure can be described as a "Wolf," stepped away from his post as leader a few years ago. He was distracted by the good life, a loss of physical energy and the notion that maybe his kids could run the company.
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