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Helpful reading for Small Business Owners

Why taking a month off is good for Business

Taking a month off is good for you, it's good for your physical and mental health and it is good…

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Destructive Business Decisions

Take a step back and look at the whole system and imagine the impact of your decision.  Business systems are complex, consider that when you change one thing you change everything.
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create check lists

Create your Systems Manual while Training Your Employees

Have your employees involved in the documentation and continuous improvement of systems. This empowers individuals to positively contribute to your company's success.
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Dad thinks business coaches are MEN in blue suits

A few years back I took my 75 year old dad out for dinner.  On the drive there he said…

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If it’s not working why keep doing it?

Dear Small Business Owner, Can I have your attention for just for a minute?  I know you are tired and…

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Last Chance for the Canada BC Job Grant?

If you have not heard of the Canada BC Job Grant the highlight benefit of the program for BC's Entrepreneurs is  a non-repayable grant that covers 2/3 of the cost of  training up to $10,000.00 per qualified small business owner.
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Can Small Business Owners call in Sick?

Entrepreneurs building and running companies remind me of machines.  They are powerful, strong and always on. That is until their batteries run out or they break down.   They go 24/7 for months, years even decades working harder than anyone I know that has a "job".
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leadership and listening

Listening – One powerful human system to make your business better

Listening is a powerful leadership tool that will both give you the information you need to make great decisions and provide you with the information you need to strengthen your relationships with your customers, your team and yourself. 
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Systematize your Business – Financial tracking for Entrepreneurs

Running a business without and an accurate financial tracking system is equal to riding your bicycle down a busy road with your eyes closed. Gone are the days when you could get away with throwing everything in a shoebox and dropping it off the night before your tax returns are due.
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people or systems, what is more important?

Is Your Business Success Defined by Your People or Your Systems?

An overly-systematized company with no employee connection is just a bunch of lifeless paperwork. Having systems in place to run the business is crucial – but not at the expense of of a thriving culture that creates impact and meaning.
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Business leadership

Wolves & Business: A Story About Business Succession and Leadership

The changes in the park's environment remind me of the changes that took place in an organization I have been working with. In this case, the leader, who for sure can be described as a "Wolf," stepped away from his post as leader a few years ago. He was distracted by the good life, a loss of physical energy and the notion that maybe his kids could run the company.
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Creating Systems in Your Business for Success

How Many Systems Does Your Business Need to be Successful?

In order for your business to be successful, by most definitions, you will probably find you need to document 25-50 core systems. A documented system takes many forms. It can be handwritten, a word document, excel template, audio or video recording, a checklist, or even a series of photo cards - as long as someone other than you can view it, and use it and without input from you, follow steps to get the result you want.
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