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Women business owners need to read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

The list of best business books to read continues to grow. However, one book stands above all the others called The E-Myth Revisited, Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber. In this powerful account of Sarah the owner of a pie baking shop journey to personal freedom and wealth you will learn the basic business principles of working "ON" your business, not just "IN" it by thinking through the lens of systems. This is my story of a seven year journey doing just that by Beverlee Rasmussen.
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Business Leadership

Wolves & Business: A Story About Business Succession and Leadership

The changes in the park's environment remind me of the changes that took place in an organization I have been working with. In this case, the leader, who for sure can be described as a "Wolf," stepped away from his post as leader a few years ago. He was distracted by the good life, a loss of physical energy and the notion that maybe his kids could run the company.
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Creating Systems In Your Business For Success

How Many Systems Does Your Business Need to be Successful?

In order for your business to be successful, by most definitions, you will probably find you need to document 25-50 core systems. A documented system takes many forms. It can be handwritten, a word document, excel template, audio or video recording, a checklist, or even a series of photo cards - as long as someone other than you can view it, and use it and without input from you, follow steps to get the result you want.
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Customer Service Strategies For Small Business

6 Simple Steps to Providing the Kind of Customer Service that Gets People Talking

Is it worth investing in your customer service system? Ask anyone when they received the best customer service. Odds are, they will regale a story about a company that reduced a charge, or an airline that held a flight and saved their day. Ask them whether they'll continue buying from that company and you'll hear about their deep loyalty and how much they recommend or repeatedly buy from that company.
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Appreciative Inquiry: A Simple Tool to Solve Complex Business Problems

Imagine how smoothly things would run if people on your team had a tool to easily solve even your most complex personal and business problems? That tool exists and it's call Appreciative Inquiry. For most of us when faced with a big problem or frustration, the natural tendency is to hyper-focus on the problem. What went wrong? Who's fault is it? Why are they so stupid?
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How To Make Your Company Promise

A Company Promise: Do You Really Need One?

"A Promise of Something Better" were the words my husband said to me 23 years ago when we first started dating. Those five simple words set the foundation for our amazing life together. It was his promise to me and in turn, it became my promise to him. It's a promise our family lives by, making life better not only for ourselves but for many others as well. I was thinking about his profound promise today, when planning to explain why a company promise is so important for business owners.
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