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Business Owners win by embracing curiosity

One of the attributes of highly successful entrepreneurs is curiosity. You don't know what you don't know until you step out of your comfort zone to learn. Curious business leaders ask questions like; "Are we charging the right price? Why are those particular customers not coming back? Why do I have so much trouble finishing things? Is that employee happy?". These can be seriously uncomfortable questions and at the same time answering them can lead some very cool insights that can move your company in the direction you want it to go. Let's take the example of the question "Is that employee happy?". If we go down this road we may not like what we learn. We may find we have to change some things about the way we run our companies or how we treat the people that work for us. We might learn this employee is not a fit for our company and needs an exit strategy. What are some good things we could learn being curious using this same example? We may learn the employee is tired of something other employees are doing that is causing us to loose customers and has some really great ideas on…

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Hiring on ODesk

Taking the time before posting your job on ODesk to define EXACTLY what you need your new team member to be accountable for is the first step to adding an “A” player to your team. Considerations could include the cost, the timing, the quality, expectations around communication, and trial periods for new hires. When hiring technology expertise outside of your personal ability use specific questions in your interview that gives the candidate an opportunity to teach you or show you what they know at a basic level. A small test project to start is one way to gain confidence in this relationship. When you sep up your first contract start with a few hours per week as a maximum until you are ready to let them run full speed with the project. ODesk offers a robust selection system that can help you narrow down your search. Go to the “Recruit” tab in ODesk then select “Find Contractors” . On the left you will see options to refine your search. Use the “Feedback Rating” as your guide for finding candidates in the 4.5 -5.00 Star category. “Hourly Rate” goes up with experience and “Hours Billed” will give you insight into how…

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Is it as simple as making sure your people know WHAT do do?

Why People don't do what they are suppose to do (from Coaching for improved work performance by Ferdinand F. Fournies) as analyzed from 25,000 supervisors and managers around the world responding to the question of why employees don't do what they are suppose to do. They don't know what they are supposed to do. They don't know how to do it. They don't know why they should do it. They think they are doing it (lack of feedback) There are obstacles beyond their control. They think it will not work. They think their way is better. They think something is more important (priorities) There is no positive consequence to them for doing it. There is a negative consequence to them for doing it. There is a positive consequence to them for not doing it. There is no negative consequence to them for not doing it. Personal limits (incapacity). Personal Problems Fear (they anticipate future negative consequence). No one could do it. So guess what? The first item on the list is given as an answer first or second 99% of the time!! Eliminate a lot of frustration for you and your team....learn how to create basic systems and structures so…

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Giving away your power

Are you feeling as if you have no options in resolving a current frustration? Does it feel like no matter which way you turn you can't win? Chances are if you look really closely at the situation you may have at some point given away your most precious personal resource...your power. Any time you feel victim to a situation have a good hard look at it and see where you may be able to take your power back.  Ask yourself  "Where have I compromised?", "What is my contribution to this situation?",  and most important "What if I accepted full responsibility and decided to either accept or resolve what ever was happening?".   Now instead of being a victim you are in control even if it is only in your mind it will be enough.

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