Why Finding the WHY in Training Your Employees Will Benefit YOU

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Training your employees is more than just telling them what to do. They need to know WHY they are doing things. Why the WHY? Let’s start with you.

Some stress in business is hidden in how you feel about the little things your employees do or don’t do. (You know that stuff that annoys the cr*p out of you?)

This is where having written documentation with training on how you want things done comes in to help reduce the stress. Employees don’t generally wake up in the morning determined to stress you out. When they see something needs to be done and if they are not told how to do it they will either (a) not do it or (b) do it their way.

When you write down your systems, you create a training manual for your employees.

There are countless advantages to having a training system aside from reducing stress. For example, properly training your team empowers them, eliminates errors and provides an optimal working environment.

Empowered employees make better decisions in the moment, which goes a long way to
ensuring you keep promises to customers.

Training also provides an opportunity to continuously test and improve your systems as you learn from watching new people follow them. If you’ve struggled to document your processes in the past, you can ask new employees to document what they’re learning and add it to your policy and procedures manual.

Remember the WHY

Training needs to include process and purpose. This means you need to tell your employees what they are doing and WHY they are doing it. Training is about doing, thinking and being part of your team.

Do, Think, Be - why train


Follow the policy and procedures manual. This shows your team what you need done and includes why your company believes this is the best way to do it.


Take the opportunity for innovation, improvement and feedback. Be open to questions and suggestions on better ways of doing things.


Personally align with your company values. Ideally, you want everyone on your team working towards a shared desired result with organizational accountability.

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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