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Marketing Small Business

10 Essential Systems for successful Marketing & Sales

Business owners today primarily think about marketing as making a brochure, advertising on Social media or building a new website.  While these activities are part the marketing process there is much more that needs to be considered before spending your valuable time and money on any lead generation activity.  The top 10 primary marketing systems make up a solid plan to fast track getting and keeping customers and ultimately earning more money.  #1 - Design and commit to your brand When you buy a product or a service, you have a mental picture of what your purchase will do and how it will improve your business or life.  It only takes a split second for consumers to make a judgement about you and your company.  All things are considered, including first impressions, previous experiences, the way your business looks, the tone you use to answer your phone or e-mails and the energy in the environment.   More than a clever logo your brand is the experience consumers have of doing business with you. Think of your email signature, how clean your vehicles are used for business, your uniform if you have one.  All things that help people recognize and have a good…

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Marketing your Business for Cheap

I don’t like the word cheap but when it comes to marketing your businesses you don’t have to spend a lot to money to have a big impact. Every day I see so many clever things small business owners are doing to market their products and services that cost little or no money resulting in huge returns. Curiously enough most often these entrepreneurs don’t even realize it’s marketing......
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New Canadian Spam Rules Facts

New Canadian spam rules in effect last month are driving business owners to take drastic action in fear of non-compliance including deleting client data bases that they have taken years to build. I say STOP and get the facts before you start deleting anyone off your lists. Over the past 4 weeks I have rescued several valuable data bases from obviation. Before you ditch your list get the facts: link on facts
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