3 Essential Elements for Small Business Lead Generation

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So you’ve started your small business and everything is running smoothly. What you need now is more customers. How can you do that? Lead generation!

A lead = your potential customer.

Generation = the ways you communicate to provide information about your products/services.

Lead generation is the continuous activity of sending the right messages to the right markets, through the right delivery channels.

The intended outcome of successful small business lead generation is for your product/company to gain attention, elicit a response from a prospect, and earn a new qualified lead or a prospect to purchase your product.

Your message

Keep in mind your company promise and branding as you create your promotional message. You and your company offer a unique value proposition, also known as something that makes your company and product/ service different than any other out there. Make this clear in your promotions.

When you describe your product, focus on how it helps your clients. Try not to focus on the features or what you think is great about your product.

It’s also important to have a Call To Action (CTA) at the end of your lead-generating activities. A CTA is the next step you want your prospect to take after interacting with your promotion. A simple CTA is “buy now”. Without a CTA, your prospect may not take the action you were intending for them. Ie. Buy your product!

target market -lead generation for small business

Your market

You could craft the perfect message, but without understanding who you are talking to, your promotional efforts won’t get you very far.

Think target market! Who are your ideal clients? What problem can your product/service solve for them? Promoting to the right people will result in higher lead generation, and ultimately more sales and profit.

There is more to a consumer’s decision to buy from you than seeing your marketing. Stronger influences include sociocultural, psychological and situational.

Promotional Mix - lead generation for small business

Your channel

The way you promote your business depends on how your target market prefers to communicate, connect and intake information. To reach them, you will have a mix of channels and techniques. This is what is called a Promotional Mix.

Your small business lead generating activities fall into five categories: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing.

When designing your marketing systems, a strategic evaluation of your product and consumers will determine where you focus your marketing efforts. An informed decision will yield a high return of investment.

Lead generation for small business

Have you considered your message, market and channels when planning your lead generation for your small business?

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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