A Company Promise: Do You Really Need One?

How to Make Your Company Promise

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“A Promise of Something Better” were the words my husband said to me 23 years ago when we first started dating.

Those five simple words set the foundation for our amazing life together. It was his promise to me and in turn, it became my promise to him. It’s a promise our family lives by, making life better not only for ourselves but for many others as well.

I was thinking about his profound promise today, when planning to explain why a company promise is so important for business owners.

Why You Need A Company Promise

Your company promise is what your customers know they can count on you for.  For your team, it is the heart and the pride they feel working for you. They are happier working for you with the knowledge that they are contributing to something more than just punching the clock and taking a paycheck.

Your promise becomes your organization’s “Rally Cry.” No matter what is happening in the market, you and your team have your promise to hang on to and use continuously to make your organization stronger.

Words, followed up with consistent action, have the power to bind people together to create anything they put their minds to. As the leader of your organization, what you promise to the world will significantly influence the people you attract — in terms of both customers and staff.

A promise is different from a vision. A promise is concrete with specific actions you take every day to make it happen.

Example: Have a look at the purple promise from FedEx:

The Purple Promise is more than what we say — it’s what we do. It unites us. Every one of us at FedEx “is committed to making every experience outstanding.”

Every day, each of us has the power to keep our promise to customers.

Create Your Business Promise – and Plan to Keep It

When you decide what your promise is, write down 5 ways you can keep your promise.

Here’s an example from a client, 505 Junk. Scott and Barry of 505Junk proudly promised “to take care of you and our planet with equal trust and respect.”

505 Junk: How we keep our promise


  • Deliver the same friendly service  on-time  every
  • Maintain a high set of standards for quality customer
  • Establish a high level of trust by always  being honest with
  • Maintain consistency by offering punctual scheduling, consistent pricing and  a  simplified  booking
  • Be reliable by always being available  and quick to

505 Junk Company Promise

Evaluate Your Company Promise

You will know you have the right promise when you feel  positive emotions in the words you have chosen. Your promise, when kept, will keep you feeling confident, proud and motivated knowing that you and your team are working with integrity and intention towards a common powerful goal.

Taking the time to identify your company promise is strategic work that when done consistently helps  build an organized and profitable company. My promise to you is “to listen and together find a way.”

One of the ways  I keep my promise is by creating the tools and strategies you have asked for to help you on your Entrepreneurial Journey. For 2016, I have put together a full 8-month course, named “Organized and Profitable.”  The course is made of weekly meetings in small groups to get the really important strategic work done.  

This course is created to be convenient and useful for business owners who want to make change happen in their business. You will develop your systems in all core areas of your business, with the oversight of me and my Beverlee Rasmussen with Coach of the Year Awardcertified Systems Business Coach associates. 

Are you ready to figure out what your promise is and use this to build strength in your organization? Click here to learn more about this year’s courses, or email me directly at beverlee@systemsbusinesscoach.com .

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