What is your promise to your customers?

I promise to always do my very best

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A company promise is a short statement that puts into words the experience of doing business with you.  Why do you think people buy from you? Something that you are doing is attracting your best customers and bringing them back again. Somewhere along the way you have made a promise …. a promise to provide a product or service in the market your unique way.    This promise underpins your reputation as an employer, as a player in your market, it shows up in how you operate, how well you do financially, and most important who you are to your customers.   Your Promise is the foundation of your company culture and is what differentiates you from your competition.

Imagine if everything that happened in your company reflected a crystal clear promise that is understood and owned by the entire team.   Every great organization that has stood the test of time has a promise…what is yours?

Take this Test

I promise:

  1. When I first started in this business I promised my customers that…____________
  2. This company is proud to be the one place where customers get …_________________
  3. Our company is unique because we _________________________________________
  4. Our clients feel _______________________when they hear the name of our company
  5. Our product means that _____________________________________
  6. Customers say that we are _________________________________________
  7. Customers buy from us because ______________________________________
  8. Customers come back again and again because ___________________________________
  9. Customers get this when they buy from us ________________________________
  10.  The biggest different between us and our competition is ______________________
  11. People do not buy from us because ___________________________________________
  12. This one thing everybody that comes in contact with us experiences is_____________________________
  13. Our clients feel _________________________when they do business with us.

Using the answers to your questions above write your company promise. What words, thoughts, ideas keep coming up?   Can you see your promise?  When you write it ask yourself “is this true?”  You know you have it when you feel so good about it that you want to share it with everyone and hang the words on the wall in your place of business.

Examples of company promises include Federal Express “I will make every FedEx experience Outstanding” and Systems Business Coach™ “To listen and together find a way”

Share your company Promise in comments!


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