How to Be the “Go-To Expert” in Your Field

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Anyone in your own community who comes into contact with scores of people each day needs to know you and understand exactly what you do and who you do it for. This is not a one-shot sales pitch where you drone on and on about yourself. You’re looking for areas of overlap and a relationship-building conversation.

Smart business and delicious food create success for Hakkasan Bistro

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Hakkasan Bistro (formerly Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine) is a unique modern Chinese eatery that offers quality authentic Cantonese dishes with Wok Hay and Hakka-inspired soul food in a relaxed chic setting. Yvonne Wong, busy restaurateur and managing partner at Hakkasan Bistro, …..

Marketing your Business for Cheap

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I don’t like the word cheap but when it comes to marketing your businesses you don’t have to spend a lot to money to have a big impact. Every day I see so many clever things small business owners are doing to market their products and services that cost little or no money resulting in huge returns. Curiously enough most often these entrepreneurs don’t even realize it’s marketing……

Social Media Fail and What to do About It

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Ugg! So how’s the social media going for you, Beverlee? Each week I promised myself I’m going to set up my Social Media System and then rock it so that I can help others struggling with the same issue. And every week for the past 41 weeks I have failed to do this.

New Canadian Spam Rules Facts

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New Canadian spam rules in effect last month are driving business owners to take drastic action in fear of non-compliance including deleting client data bases that they have taken years to build. I say STOP and get the facts before you start deleting anyone off your lists. Over the past 4 weeks I have rescued several valuable data bases from obviation. Before you ditch your list get the facts: link on facts

Failure is information. You use it and move forward

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Failure gives you valuable information that you can use on the road to success. Being a systems coach I have to admit I’m pretty hard on myself when it comes to failure. I am hyper aware that others are looking at how I do things.

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