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September 2021 Workshop

Show Me the Money

A powerful overview of small business financials to save you money, stress and time. See growth in your profits and revenue with these top finance tips!

Jan 13th Workshop

Gain Freedom with Grants to Hire Students.

Looking to hire a new employee but don’t have the budget?

The Canadian Summer Jobs Grant could change that. Find out the best way to apply through this webinar. 

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February 2021 workshop

Broken and Fixed Bookkeeping Systems.

Frustrated with your bookkeeping system? Want to make it easier for yourself?

Join this webinar to learn systems and tips to improve your bookkeeping. Goodbye shoebox, hello peace of mind!

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March 2021 Workshop

Hire the Worlds Best Talent: Your Guide to Outsourcing.

Have you ever considered outsourcing? With so many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have an opportunity to hire globally.

Here you can learn the common pitfalls of outsourcing and meet our team from around the world.

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April 2021 Workshop

Building Trust and Loyalty with Your Employees.

Have you ever worked for a boss that just didn’t seem to value you? Have you vowed never to be that boss?

In this webinar, learn how to show up and talk to build deeper relationships with your employees. Plus some basic coaching strategies!

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May 2021 workshop

Get Your Business Ready to Sell by Next Year.

Psst… once you’ve decided to sell your business, it’s already too late to plan. It takes 2 years to properly sell a business.

Get ahead and learn the top 5 things to prep for when you want to sell. (Important even if you never want to!)

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June 2021 workshop

Out of Debt: Creating Your Roadmap to Financial Recovery.

Are you staying up all night afraid of debt? Wondering how to get out of it?

In this webinar learn systems and options to get out of debt. Find the best one for you!

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July 2021 Workshop

Systems Thinking to Break Free and Prosper in Business.

What is a system and why does it matter? Your business has systems in place whether you know it or not. 

Learn how your systems are getting you the results you HAVE and how to change them to get the results you WANT.

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October 2021 Workshop

Kicked in the Butt by Taxes— Not this Year!

Are you tensed, eyes closed, waiting for tax season to kick you?

Well you can relax due to the knowledge you’ll gain from this webinar. It’s your guide to kicking taxes in the butt. (Not the other way around!)

October 13, 2021
Nov 2021 Diversity and Inclusion in Small Business Workshop

Diversity and Inclusion in a Small Business.

How is your business responding to social change? Want to get rid of microaggressions in your work culture? 

You can contribute to a healthier, diverse and inclusive economy. Find out how in this webinar.  

December 2022 Workshop Dates

Goals Next Year: Planning for 2023!

Want to start the year with a renewed motivation?

You’ll be an unstoppable force after setting goals and making plans in this webinar.

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