How to Avoid Social Media During Business Hours

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Which social media platform do you tend to gravitate towards during work hours?

I love Facebook. I use it for my own company and see the huge social and economical benefits of using Facebook. The problem is Facebook is a time trap that can easily derail even the best systems. I’m making a new rule for myself, no Facebook during business hours.

Growing your business with social media

Why I avoid social media

You see, it goes like this.

I see that Facebook has 20 new notifications and I say “I’ll just have a quick look.” I go to the post I’m wanting to check and notice everyone is wishing Mike a happy birthday. While I’m there I remember that Mike told me about a new app I should check out.

So, I open Safari and I google it. I love the new app so much that I sign up for a free trial. While setting up the trial, I realize I need to update my public picture because the app up picked up an old one from the web. I make a promise to get all the pictures consistent as part of my branding system.

I go to upload the picture and it’s too big. So I have to send it to Andy, my graphic designer, to shrink it. I see that Andy has left me a message about a blog graphic.

So I go into my WordPress to upload the graphic and then double-check the post. I realize I don’t like one of the sentences so start editing the blog post. By now 55 minutes have passed and I only have 5 minutes to prepare for my next call.

Can you relate?

What can we do about it?

First, small business owners can schedule their posts for social media. There are many platforms that you can use to write and plan posts for weeks, months, or years in advance! Feel free to try social media scheduling platforms such as CoShedule, Buffer or Hootsuite.

This helps you because you won’t have to actually open social media to post, therefore avoiding the time suck! You will spend less energy on social media in general, leaving time to focus on what you actually like doing in your business.

The next thing you can do is schedule time at the end of your day to check your social media. This way, if you do fall down a rabbit hole, it won’t derail the rest of your work day.

If you really love to hang out personally on social media consider doing that after work. Try to avoid social media during work hours and let me know how much time you have saved!

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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