The Secret to Taking the Day Off Work as a Small Business Owner

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Like many of you, I’m a small business owner and yesterday I called in sick. Well, I actually I didn’t “call” in. I just decided that seeing as I felt dizzy and felt like I had the flu. So I would try taking the day off work.

I was the only person I needed to convince that it was OK not to work.

Taking the day off work was not easy. I had to cancel meetings,  let others do things for me and then rest.  Employees are generally good with taking the day off when they don’t feel well.  Why is it that we the owners don’t allow ourselves the same?

Even if you aren’t feeling ill, when was the last time you decided you were taking a day off work and actually followed through on it?

Put yourself first

Entrepreneurs tend to put their physical and mental health on the back burner to a long list of urgent priorities.

The ironic thing is that without your health, all the other “priorities” quickly become irrelevant.

Take a quick look in the mirror and guess what you will see? The most valuable asset to your business—you—will be looking back at you. Be honest, how well are you taking care of this incredible and irreplaceable asset?

Balancing a healthy diet

What do you need to change to enable taking better care of yourself?

Take a first step and ask yourself: “What systems could I create to support
a healthier work-life balance?” The answer could be as simple as saying “NO!” Not all business is worth doing and not all money is worth earning.

Of course, even healthy individuals sometimes fall prey to diseases that no one can prevent.

So the next item for you to consider is: who will take your place when you are ill for a length of time? Have you planned for the possibility that you are not invincible?

Systems help you stay healthy!

To arrive at a place where you can be free to enjoy life and, where you are in control of your time, first requires you to put some systems and structures into place.

You are already working hard, so put yourself first on your list and work hard for you.

Think of what you need and want to be healthy and happy.

Relaxing At Home

Need time away? Schedule your next vacation and put a line item on your budget for the owner’s vacation.

Afraid everything will fall apart when you leave? Update your operations manual.

If you aren’t working, you aren’t making money, right? Add sick day pay to your wages!

Freedom might start with simply taking a proper lunch break while someone else answers the phone.

Taking a day off work!

What systems do you need to have in your business so you can call in sick without guilt or stress?

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey.

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