Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

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So what do you believe? Are successful entrepreneurs born or made?

Some people believe that successful business owners are born with the skills, attributes and qualities they need to lead.

Others believe that through inspiration, education and practice, you can learn how to be a successful owner. Lots of research on both sides of this question has been done over the years.

It’s more than likely that success in business leadership is a mixture of both nature and nurture. Not an equal amount of the two, but rather a combination of what we are born with and what we learn from day-to-day life that determines our success.

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How to know if they are born with it?


Born entrepreneurs have an insatiable inner drive to wonder and ask “What if?”  Remember being a kid and having tons of ideas and creative ways to solve problems? That drive is in us still – even as adults. We just have to let our natural curiosity drive us past obstacles and dead ends that get in the way of what we need.


Reasoning with facts and logic only will not get us through important business situations. Using our intuition and trusting our gut instincts when making decisions will be valuable to our success as owners.


We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t train nice”.  Your natural centeredness, calmness and positive outlook are critical.

How to know if entrepreneurs are made?

There is always a procedure or standard. Successful business owners know the importance of systems in their business. They understand that to scale and grow, their business operations need to be out of their head and onto paper.

Their systems allow people to take on roles and do tasks. This means the owner can focus on leading, creating and growing the business, not just sustaining it.

Self-made business owners have procedures for all areas of business, Leadership, Finance, Operations, Team and Marketing. They understand how all of these areas interconnect and build on each other.

Business Culture During Remote Work - Born or made entrepreneur

Which entrepreneur are you?

What do you think? Are you a born entrepreneur or self-made? Maybe a little bit of both?

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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