20 Self-Reflection Prompts to Strengthen Your Business Leadership Skills

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It’s not easy being the boss. At the end of the day, the responsibility for your company’s results rests on your shoulders and it can be a heavy burden. A common challenge for small business owners is not being aware of their leadership style and the impact this has on the entire organization.

A simple way to look at your leadership style is to reflect on your actions. For inspiration, I’ve collected 20 prompts spilt into 3 categories: do, think, and be. This simple categorization of your business leadership skills can improve how you lead.

business leadership skills


What are you doing? Are you working? Making lists? Delegating? Spending time getting new business? Are your hands full doing the same work as your employees? Are you doing tactical or strategic work? As the leader of your business is it matters how you spend your time.


What are you thinking? Do you have time to think? Considering new ways of doing things? Creating solutions in your mind to challenges? When in your day do you think about your business strategy? Being quiet and listening? Thinking of ways to solve problems? What you think about shows up in your systems and your company culture.


Who are you being? How do you show up as the leader of your business? Who do you need to “be” to lead? What is your state of mind and your presence? Are you calm, overwhelmed, positive or negative? Are you the leader you want to be?

How does this add to your business leadership skills?

As leaders, we are always growing and practicing personal mastery. When we self-reflect by asking questions about what we do, how we think and how we show up, we lead better businesses and live fuller lives.

What are your thoughts?

Here to help!

Until next time, enjoy your entrepreneurial journey!

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