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Show Me the Money™

Money Trouble? You are not alone! The trouble is that most entrepreneurs don't fully understand business financials. Take this course and change that forever.


  • Set up your books.
  • Reconcile accounts.
  • File everything


  • Understand your financial position
  • Know which reports to review
  • Create a financial reporting system


  • Spending decisions
  • Reduce expenses
  • Evaluate future purchases
  • Create expense rules


  • What's in it for you?
  • Being paid for your effort
  • Establishing a pay and reward system
Money Roadmap


  • Understand profit
  • Structure for profitability
  • Pay yourself
  • Save your profit


  • Verify current income
  • Create "pivot" income
  • Increase income strategies


  • Prepare a cash flow forecast
  • Create a cash plan
  • Saving cash


  • Create a Covid19 Pandemic financial plan

Yes, I’m Ready to Be Organized & Profitable!

You, 8 weeks from now:

  • Accurately set up their books so that they have up-to-date data to make sound financial decisions.
  • Have a greater understanding of their financial reports.
  • Structure their business based on Covid-19 new realities to be and stay profitable and make sound financial decisions. This will in turn protect jobs, supplier and customer relationships and start to re-build the economy.
  • Evaluate current products and pricing along with the increased costs associated with Covid-19 compliances.
  • Take inventory of their own net worth, debt, and personal budget to ensure they have a plan to weather this economic storm an develop a cash plan.
  • Provide guidance in creating a financial plan that includes both business personal care and reward for the short and long haul.

What Show Me the Money™ Includes

  • A business coach and full access to the Systems Business Coach® Business Management Dashboard which includes our proven templates, tools, strategies, and systems will immediately change how you lead your organization
  • A Confidential Business Assessment
  • Eight (8) x 90-minute business development private coaching sessions, held via video conference. (Total 12 hours of coaching) plus four (4) hours of documented support by coach including customized tools, templates and resources specific to the needs of the learner.
  • Weekly meetings keep you accountable to stay on track toward your business goals
  • Just the right amount of time to work ON your business each month

This is one of five (5) Small Business Development Courses. The other programs include operations, team building, marketing and leadership.  Ask about our new course:  The Path Forward for Small Business Owners, 180 Day Covid-19 Business Recovery Course.