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Sulynn is passionate about helping you create a sustainable flourishing business on a foundation of systems and positive psychology.

Sulynn is a Positive Change Strategist and Executive Coach with 30 years of consulting and coaching experience. She’s partnered with CEOs of corporations and business owners to energize and build positive workplaces. It’s her hope to help you achieve the same by leveraging your inner strengths and developing effective strategies for excellence and high performance. Her clients unanimously value her positive outlook, presence, authenticity, and intuitive collaborative style.

Earlier in her career, Sulynn worked as a copywriter, company administrator, economist, and operations manager. With her wide repertoire of business knowledge, skills and experience, she can help you lift your business game to greater heights.

Sulynn’s lifelong mission is to help people find meaning and fulfillment at work and in their daily lives. She believes that strength-based change management founded on positivity and resilience transforms individuals and organizations.

If you are envisioning a vibrant business with a robust bottom line, contact Sulynn today.

Languages: English (native language), Malay (written and spoken), and Cantonese  (conversational).

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The Small Business Field Guide

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