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What does helping business owners in getting organized and profitable have to do with creating peace in the world?

I say everything.

Business can be chaotic and stressful for the entrepreneur, and everyone around them. At the same time business owners are the most generous, creative and hard working people on the planet.

The entire world benefits when a business owner finds peace in their days.

Peace comes from having an engaged productive team, financial stability and happy customers.

When things go sideways, like bad cash flow or angry customers, our employees suffer. Employees take the brunt of poor business structure and a stressed-out owner’s negative emotions. Turn that business around and the problem goes away. A sense of calm, purpose and peace becomes the new norm.

Helping an entrepreneur build financial stability is potentially the greatest peace making tool I have.

peace_cash-flowFinancial problems prevent generous business owners from being able to support people and causes that really matter to them.   Money problems cause the most pain and suffering for entrepreneurs often spilling into personal lives with  broken relationships over lack of money or lack of time trying to earn money.   Fix a business’ systems around money and the pressure comes off, people get paid on time, dreams are realized, charities are supported and we have peace.

For me, sitting with a business owner who gave credit to a customer only to learn 120 days later they still may not get paid is painful. Not being able to pay suppliers on time because you didn’t get paid is equally as painful. Having an advance cash flow, invoicing plan and policies reduces these frustrations. Cha-ching, you are paid, everyone gets paid, and there is happiness, prosperity and peacepeace_losing-home for all involved.

Losing your home because the business didn’t work has to be the biggest and most shameful experience an entrepreneur can endure. Yet it happens every day. An entrepreneur will start a company with a big idea and what they think is enough money — and as much as 80% of the time it doesn’t work and the loss has to come from somewhere.  Families are suffering because most entrepreneurs are not taught how to run a business.

Pain to peace. From losing 10K a month to making 25K a month because we fixed the operations and finances systems. Pouring everything back into the business to saving enough to buy a house because we structured it to happen that way.

Most important, reduce the chaos in a business and the business owner’s family can enjoy a calmer, happier, more rewarding life.   Happy families build happier more engaged communities which leads to a happier more peaceful world.

peace_positive-changeNothing gives me greater joy than coming away from a meeting where a business owner has finally solved a painful problem, resolved a conflict or taken back their health. These transformations happen one peaceful conversation at a time. With coaching we don’t focus on problems, we focus on solutions. Together, we put solid plans in place for positive change.

When I was a 10-year-old Girl Guide, we sang a peace song. “Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me.” In the 40+ years since then, I have lived my life in service of peace.




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