BC Job Grant, Access up to $15,000

Last Chance for the Canada BC Job Grant?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you taken advantage of the Canada BC Job Grant yet?  If not, you are running out of time!

In 2015 the Canadian Federal Government and the British Columbia Provincial Government as part of a National Labour Market Agreement  made a commitment to fund training for priority sectors including Small Business Owners, calling it the Canada BC Job Grant.   This is a three year agreement that is set to expire on March 31, 2018.

Since its inception both governments have changed and it will be interesting to see if the Federal Liberals and Provincial New Democrats agree that supporting  Small Business owners is a still  a priority.

The Canada BC Job Grant is about economic development.

If you have not heard of the Canada BC Job Grant the highlight benefit of the program for BC’s Entrepreneurs is a non-repayable grant that covers 2/3 of the cost of training up to $10,000.00 per qualified small business owner.

Employers can also apply to cover the cost of training for their employees up to $15,000.00 each.

This includes both business management courses and programs to improve your trade skills.

Business owner training programs are available at local universities, community colleges, and through private training provides that specialize in Small Business Education like Systems Business Coach®.    Our programs have been approved for funding and include understanding finances and cash flow, marketing, leadership including time management, hiring and training of employees and getting your operations streamlined and documented.

The first step is to figure out where you could use the most help.  Finance?  Hiring?  Marketing?

After conducting over 3000 small business assessments over 4 years I have come up with an idea of what questions to ask.  I would be happy to do a confidential business assessment with you if you are ready to make some positive changes in 2018 and would like to take advantage of the savings with the grant.  Specifically in areas of finance, operations, team building, marketing and leadership.

Link to the assessment: https://systemscoach.wufoo.eu/forms/your-entrepreneurial-journey/

When an entrepreneur builds a strong company the economic benefit positively impacts the local community, the province and the entire country by providing jobs and in turn tax revenue.

Investing in training for business owners makes sense.  And… if you are already too busy to get help then this is your sign that now is the best time to get what you need while the government is offering this amazing financial support.

Reach out anytime if you want to know more, we are here to listen and together find a way!