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Personal Mastery is the discipline of personal growth.  It involves approaching your life as a work in progress.  How you show up one place is how you show up everywhere.   It is about how we think and feel that impacts the decisions we make in business.   We all have limiting belief’s that keep us stuck, cost us money and impair our ability to truly reach our full potential.  Working on mastering your limiting belief’s will  expand your ability to create the results in your life/business that you desire.  Being able to frame situations differently can help us move through self imposed limitations.

Examples would be;

 “Not firing someone because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or force bad times on them even though your are risking your own future and financial stability”

“Not launching your proprietary product because it is not yet perfect and you are afraid of what other might think”

“Allowing your team to do what ever they want even when it doesn’t meet the standards you have set for the company because you don’t like conflict, perhaps because you experienced parental fighting as a small child”

Think about how you “show up” as the leader of your company. Do you tend to be optimistic or negative, how do you cope with conflict/stress? Do you tend to look at the problem or the solution! What are you most afraid of? What makes your heart sing? What motives you? What belief’s drive your actions?

 Ask yourself  “Is this belief helping me or hurting me?”

An example could be as simple as running for food every time you sit down to write a blog. What are you running away from? Maybe it’s stressing you out to write?   Maybe your sibling got better marks than you did in school  leaving you with the impression that you have inferior talent?  Personal Mastery is about paying attention to your own behavior and changing it if necessary.

Here’s a quick and easy place to start when you become aware of a limiting belief?

Ask yourself:

1. Is this really true?

2. What is this costing me to hold onto this belief?

3. Now what?

What we do by asking these questions is start the process of interrogating our reality to look for a new way to reach our goals.  Test you assumptions and belief’s looking for the truth. Chances are we are being WAY too hard on ourselves.  Remind yourself of times when you have been successful and apply that same mindset.

Ask yourself  “What do I need to do to change my behavior?”

Taking ownership of everything.  Commit to telling the truth.  Doing this will help you overcome elements of self that impact your business and personal success.   Want to learn  more about personal mastery?  Read The Fifth Discipline, The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge.


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