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How often do you find yourself trapped in computer no mans land?  It started out with an e-mail , you clicked, you looked, you clicked again, you made a mental note to check that out later, you saw something you have been thinking about trying and now it’s on sale or it’s free, so you click again, you type in your credit card number because it’s never free, then you start using your new thing, except it’s harder than you have capacity for at the moment and you remembered your were busy and had a client proposal to send out this morning and it’s 9:25 am and you don’t know where the last hour went.

Just like when we were kids, there is a time to play and a time to work.  Allow yourself some computer “playtime”… schedule it, look forward to it, then allow yourself to wander.  When play time is over be mindful and go back to work.   It’s a system.


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