The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Lasting Motivation.

The Entrepreneur's Secret to Lasting Motivation

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Our motivation stems from our entrepreneurial vision. Yet, our vision evades us as we wade through our day-to-day tasks.

Our ability to stand up after getting knocked down starts to wain. The daily grind gets exhausting.

With each new idea, comes a new challenge, and with each new challenge, there’s another challenge tucked inside. It’s like a Russian nesting doll!

So how can you keep pushing through?

To go forward, we have to go back.

Writing down your vision.

Go back to the time when you first dreamed of owning your business.

Think about how you felt.

Were you excited? Did you envision how it was going to look and operate?

Were you imagining the revenue you were going to make and the impact that would have on your life?

Did you think about the happy customers you were going to serve?

Did you write any of that dream down?

The key to lasting motivation is to write down your entrepreneurial vision. Then refer back to it, again and again, and again. This is a simple, yet powerful system for accessing motivation!

Your vision keeps you going. It gives you the energy to get through the rough patches. And provides validation when things go well.

Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx, spent two years selling fax machines during the day while working on her business at night. That kind of commitment requires a clear vision to cut through doubt and exhaustion.

At Systems Business Coach we have a powerful vision that drives our actions:

A world where all business owners have the skills, tools and confidence to positively contribute to a healthy world economy creating secure meaningful employment while maintaining personal prosperity and freedom.

Try drawing your entrepreneurial vision.

Not a fan of writing?

That’s okay. Drawing your vision is just as effective!

Often I will ask clients to draw a picture of what their business will look like when fully developed. I decided at one group training event to join them and created this powerful image.

Systems Business Coach Inc. Vision

Here’s the breakdown of my fully developed vision.

The circle represents the hundreds of coaches around the world using our program to support small business owners in their communities. We are at 10 coaches now, my vision is at least 400.

Then there are the “stick people”. They are all small business owners with their operations manual in hand and enough money for themselves, their teams and their communities. When small business owners do well, they are the most generous people on the planet!

And I’ve drawn our technology hub. This includes the amazing contractors that work with us to develop and deliver our programs.

In the bottom left, is my husband, Brent, and I riding our bikes on the forest trails. The sun is shining. Life is good.

And finally there’s the peace sign.

Why the peace sign? When a community has thriving small businesses, everyone benefits. People are happier, jobs are better, and there’s prosperity and growth. And that vision, to me, means peace.

Use your vision!

Your entrepreneurial vision, when written down or drawn out, and repeated over and over, is a foundational tool for inspiration and motivation.

Entrepreneurs are great visionaries. We see what is possible and are driven by something bigger than ourselves.

Because of your small business, something is better in the world.

Better for your customers, your team, your community and your family.

Your entrepreneurial vision makes a difference in the world!

Your work has meaning. It has purpose. You are making a difference in the world.

Write down or draw out your entrepreneurial vision today. And refer back to it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

You are in the right place. Your vision can become a reality.

Dig deep and keep going. You can do it.

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