Are you getting enough LIFE out of your business?

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Do you desire a better work-life balance? Are you sacrificing personal time, finances, family time, fitness time, quiet time, just to keep your business going?

business owner lacking work-life balance

Why are you in business? Do you ask yourself that question sometimes? 

Does your business serve you or are you a servant to your business?

Do your clients get a predictable experience every time they come into your store?  Is it a good experience?  Have you ever asked them?

Do you lay awake at night worrying about the customer you forgot to place an order for or the employee that just gave their notice or the money that didn’t come in that day?

Does anyone  have an issue with finding good staff?

How about keeping up with all the paperwork?

Do you have a plan to minimize tax and maximize the equity in your business?

Let me guess, your customers only want to talk to you.

How’s your cash flow…um, hm….…what cash flow!

Let’s talk about all the cash you are putting away for your retirement or where you went on your last one month vacation.

Running a small business should be a joy, not a burden. Maybe we should talk… Figure out that work-life balance to reclaim your original dream of prosperity & personal freedom through your business.


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