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Being authentically you is the best way to show up in life.  When you are in that place of just being yourself life becomes easier and more joyful.   Allowing yourself to be in full alignment with all the gifts, talents, charm, love, and caring you have along with your faults and shortcomings makes you real.  Authenticity builds trust, and trust builds positive relationships.  From these relationships comes common good including in business financial reward for all involved.   Being yourself is way more powerful and joyful than constantly struggling to BE what you think others think you should be. (You will never win at that game) Chances are people in your world like you best just the way you are… if you would only let them experience the real YOU!  Who are you trying to be?  How much energy are you spending trying to be someone you are not?  What if you just showed up as you are…. I bet life would get easier!


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