Failure is information. You use it and move forward

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Failure gives you valuable information that you can use on the road to success. Being a systems coach I have to admit I’m pretty hard on myself when it comes to failure. I am hyper aware that others are looking at how I do things. This doesn’t give me much room for errors and is ridiculously stressful to the point of not being able to move forward with innovation. Trying to be “perfect” is a huge sabotage both for me and the small business world I am passionate about serving.

I sure got a dose of my own coaching medicine last month in Portland Oregon while attending the “World Domination Summit” where entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, teachers, artists and everyday wonderful caring people gather to be inspired to live a remarkable life in a conventional world. It felt like every speaker knew that I was hiding behind a laundry list of failed attempts to launch the technology I felt I needed to move my company forward and really serve my small business owner tribe.

AJ Jacobs best known for writing about his lifestyle experiments talked about being bold, strategic and experimental and Jadah Sellner Co-Founder of Simple Green Smoothies shared her heart wrenching poem called “I encounter every lesson in life on purpose” inviting us to say our dreams out loud, take imperfect action and let go. Imperfect action… how cool is that! The speaker’s story that rang loudest for me was Elise Blaha Cripe talking about her baby girl learning to walk. She said “She is not learning to walk by thinking about walking, she is learning to walk by walking”. I get it. I ‘m suppose to be learning how to Blog by Blogging and learning how to do a Podcast by Podcasting, and joining the social media revolution by being social even if I don’t completely know how to “do” it. The systems will sort themselves out after I gain confidence by just doing it.

You are welcome to join me. Follow me on Twitter @systems_coach and I will follow you and we’ll learn and gain confidence together. Create a Business Facebook page and send your tribe an invite to like it and share a comment. Sign up for Mail Chimp and send out your imperfect first newsletter. Jump in on the conversation by commenting on a blog in your area of interest. Just like any new system some things will work well and others with fail and that’s all part of the process of being a strategic entrepreneur and building a great company… one baby step at a time.


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