If it’s not working why keep doing it?

Entrepreneur taking on too much work

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Dear Small Business Owner,

Can I have your attention for just for a minute?  I know you are tired and busy and completely overworked.  We need to talk about that thing that has been keeping you awake at night.  It could be your maxed out line of credit or that employee that has been bullying you for way to long.  It could be a customer you can’t seem to make happy no matter what.  Whatever it is, if it’s not working why keep doing it?  Why spend the rest of your entrepreneurial days in pain?

Here’s the thing…. If something in your business in not working I would like to give you permission as the leader of your company to change it.

I have heard over and over again what you are thinking;  you are either tired or super busy, or both to be able to make these changes.  Yes you are working super hard.  COULD IT BE THAT YOU ARE DOING THE WRONG WORK?

As you run around trying to make the customers happy, the staff happy, the bank happy, your partner happy you are neglecting the engine … YOU.

What do YOU personally need to do to  break free of the entrepreneurial trap of being your hardest working and most often lowest paid employees?

What is the solution then when you are so busy?

It starts with taking care of YOU.   Simple things like eating a healthy breakfast.  Reading a good book, a full nights sleep and making time for family even when it is not convenient for the business.

When you are at work, instead of just doing the work, stop long enough to create systems and training documentation for those tasks.

This will allow you to leverage your people so that you can own a business instead of owning a job.

Not sure how to do something? Or worse, you are the ONLY one in the company with that skill? Prioritize your time to work on creating systems for those things that are costing you money or hurting your reputation.

The only way to get out of debt and start making money is to take the time to fully know and understand your numbers so that you can make the necessary changes to the business model.  

The only way to stop feeling like your key employee is holding you ransom is to fully focus on and review that position. Document their processes and if needed find someone else to do that job.


The only way to get your cranky customers happy is to to spend the time to figure out what they want and give it to them or drop them as a customer.

Ignore the pain and you will struggle for months, years, even decades with these major issues.  There is no reward for this kind of suffering.

At some point you have to ask yourself:

” Who’s company is this anyway”!!

You have heard it before, you need to work ON your business.  You need to stop being the busiest, most productive employee and stand back to see what needs your attention.   This takes time and focus and must be scheduled or nothing will change.

I promise if you schedule 1 hour per day, that is 5 hours per week,  to fix one systemic problem in no time you will begin to get your life back and have a company you are super proud to call yours.


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