Why do you put things off?

One thing at a time from start to finish

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What is putting things off costing you?  What system could you put in place to move important priorities to “done”? Getting systems in place sounds like a great idea if you had time!
For Dave having  everyone on his team certified would allow his company to bid on lucrative government contracts but everyone is already busy and he doesn’t have the time to babysit them in signing up for and passing the courses. He knows it’s costing him money and putting him behind with the competition.
For Angie figuring  out which email marketing program to use would be a huge relief and grow her revenue but there are too many options and it’s all too complicated. Bal needs to see the doctor about her headaches but with 3 kids and an expanding customer base the days fly by and she remembers only at night while suffering with yet another migraine that she remembers she needs to make that appointment.
What is putting things off costing you?  What system could you put in place to move important priorities to “done”? Getting systems in place sounds like a great idea if you had time!
Consider the cost of not taking control of your day
  1. People and companies don’t grow.
  2. Your competition moves ahead of you.
  3. You put your personal and financial health at risk.

Or worse, by continuously delaying strategically completing important tasks your business starts to take over you and your life and instead of being something that brings you life it ends up sucking the life out of you.

5.5 Steps to “Doing it Now”

  1. Prioritize. Before you even check your e-mail make a list of 4 things you want to accomplish today.
  2. Do ONE thing at a time
  3. Take a physical break where you step outside at least every 90 minutes
  4. Allow yourself to fully focus on the project in front of you
  5. Ask yourself “What will I have if I finish this now?”

5.5.  Celebrate!   Before jumping into the next task give yourself credit for getting this done!

In this crazy busy world having a system for getting things done is essential for balance, health & wealth.


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