The Small Business Field Guide

Need Systems?

Are you spending too much time being your hardest working employee instead of leading?

Far too many small business owners are trapped, underpaid employees working way too hard for little or no return.

Remind you of anyone?

What was supposed to bring freedom and financial wealth ends up taking over your life and draining your resources.

The Small Business Field Guide is a self-study value packed training and work book that will help you document critical processes so you can take back control of your business (and your life) from operations chaos.

The Small Business Field Guide | Systems Business Coach
I now have a systems manual. In that manual I have how to do everything in the business ... I will be going back to it. It's very dog-eared and torn, and it has been written all over... but it changes everything.
Carol B
- Small business owner

If you want clarity on how to create systems to run a successful business then you have come to the right place.

In this workbook, the Systems Business Coach® 52 Small business competencies are broken down in five categories: Leadership, Operations, Finance, Team, and Marketing. At some point, along your entrepreneurial journey, all small business owners will need to put systems in each of these areas. This field guide shares exactly how to apply each one to your business.









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What have I found most useful?
If I could only choose one, I'd say the tools including checklists and templates.
Wendy J |
- Wendy J
Small Business Owner

Preview a chapter from The Small Business Field Guide.

Beverlee shares the exact systems she used to build, run and then sell her 3 Million Dollar a year business.  Frustrated by the lack of practical guidance available in the market, Beverlee spent over 10,000 hours to develop this Small Business Field Guide.  

Beverlee Rasmussen | Systems Business Coach

That workbook has allowed my business partner and I to build the foundations of our business — from our core values through to goal setting and being provided with invaluable calculation and planning tools.

– Juliet G
Small Business Owner

I’m a huge fan of having a tangible workbook. The strategies have an impressive perspective.


– Brenda R.
Small Business Owner

I examined my business from a variety of angles and cross-sections. I feel like I have written a bachelor’s thesis on the topic “My Business Development”, in which I discovered how to solve everyday problems.

– Victoria O.
Small Business Owner

The Small Business Field Guide | Systems Business Coach

Never before has the challenge of running a business been addressed so thoroughly and clearly.

Do you wish you could break free from day to day operations?

Earn consistent profit so you can pay yourself what you deserve?

Systematize your business so you can sell this thing one day?

With a little help, you can own the business you’ve dreamed of.

The answers are in this book.

Your Business, Systematized:

Controlling this thing you’ve created

Giving up your role as the constant go-to person for answers

Empowering employees to solve their own problems

Freeing yourself from the confines of a job

Documenting critical systems so there is no more guesswork

Following a blueprint for success in every department

Completing your company operations manual—worth up to $50,000 

Making expectations and processes clear

Reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction

Structuring things the way you want them to be

Building a company you can sell one day

Enjoying the free time you’ve dreamed of since day one

Maximize the Small Business Field Guide by pairing it with one of our in-depth small business courses. 


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The Small Business Field Guide

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The Small Business Field Guide | Systems Business Coach

The Small Business Field Guide

Written in clear, simple language with actionable steps, pragmatic tools and proven systems.

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