The Top Tasks to Effectively Delegate for More Free Time

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There is so much a business owner needs to do on any given day, it is ridiculously challenging to even think about what to delegate— let alone how to delegate tasks effectively!

At this time, your delegation system might not be yielding the results you want. You try to share responsibilities, yet tasks keep falling back in your lap. To solve this, you can reevaluate the tasks you are giving away.

Certain tasks are more effective to delegate than others!

If the tasks you are juggling fit in this list, think about delegating them to free up your time!

Top tasks to effectively delegate for small business owners

I suggest writing down two tasks for each category.

Then take those tasks and delegate them to your team. That’s 12 fewer things for you to do! Which frees up your time to focus on important strategic tasks. Or to spend time doing what you love!

And remember delegating, is not abdicating.

Abdication is dumping and running. Instead, share how you are willing to support your team. Before you delegate a task, identify any possible red flags that could come up as your employee completes the task. Share those concerns with them and when your employee sees those, ask them to notify you!

Monitoring progress is an important step to help your employee succeed with their new task.

This does not mean micro-managing the project or interfering with them getting it done. It does mean being available for questions, providing additional resources if needed and agreeing on times to check in.

If you see things going sideways, don’t jump in and take over. Work together using inquiry to determine the next steps.

You have what it takes to delegate tasks effectively!

Which task will you delegate first?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Always here to help! Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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