Why Coaching is the New Leadership Skill You Need

Why Coaching is the New Leadership Skill You Need in 2022

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You’ve probably heard of business coaching before. And I’m guessing that when you picture a business coach, you think of someone from outside of your organization who can come in and help your business prosper and grow.

But did you know that coaching is also a communication technique you can use with your team?

What is coaching?

First, let’s get on the same page!

At Systems Business Coach®, we define coaching as a form of communication in which a person supports another person in achieving a specific goal. This can be your goal as the owner of the business and/or the goals of your team, supplier, banker, family or other stakeholders.

If you used coaching as a form of communication, how could it help?

Coaching creates an environment for understanding, learning, change and action.

A coach typically facilitates the development of leadership within individuals. Coaching provides support to team members in transition as well as to retain talent for career development and to move organizations towards shared goals.

Every junior staffer gets a mentor who teaches this person the ropes and at the same time, stimulates his or her imagination. The idea is to create a hothouse where young talent is encouraged to think deeply and creatively about the client relationship.

Robert Hargrove, Masterful Coaching

For small business owners, coaching is a highly effective tool to support the positive development of your team.

Benefits of Coaching

Taking a coach approach to communication builds relationships with your team. It ensures that everyone is seen, heard and understood, therefore increasing productivity and satisfaction. Which in turn boosts your revenue, sales and overall company culture.

Coaching is a simple communication style that breaks down barriers and helps all team members grow.

If you add coaching as a new leadership skill, you will see big changes in your staff and in your results.

The secret behind great coaching

Maybe you’re thinking, “Okay, I want to start coaching, but how do I do it?”

The most important skill in coaching is asking questions.

People don’t learn when you tell them something. It is only when a person is asked a question and is able to generate the possibilities for themselves that the learning takes place. People do best when they are guided by their own influence, understanding, knowledge and horsepower.

Calmly Talking Through Business Decisions With Your Partner

We are physically wired to challenge any new command or situation.

Our brains are hardwired to protect us from harm. When given a command, it goes to our “fight or flight” center of our brain when we unconsciously resist the command until we are sure it is safe.

Alternately, when we are asked a question, our brain is wired to process OUR thoughts based on what we know, what we are curious about and what we care about.

Ask, don’t tell.

The Foundation for Critical Thinking said, “Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions. Had no questions been asked by those who laid the foundation for a field — for example, Physics or Biology — the field would never have been developed in the first place.”

The same can be applied to developing your business. As the leader, you lay the foundations for your business, which directly effects your overall business results. What questions can you ask to spark answers and engagement from your team? What would the productivity in your workplace look like if your team was responding to questions and not instructions?

A good coach listens and asks questions objectively without solving peoples’ problems for them. When you coach, you are curious, non-judgemental and confidential.

Having a question-based conversation brings out the very best in both participants. Learning to ask powerful thought-provoking questions is a coaching skill that can be developed through practice.

The ultimate leadership skill!

Big and powerful changes will occur when you add coaching to your leadership skills, for both yourself and your team!

Want to talk to a coach about coaching in your business? We have 1-on-1 sessions available anytime.

Always here to help!

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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