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It is an exciting and terrifying time for small business owners hiring their first few employees. The promise of finally having help and the fear of taking on such a huge responsibility. 

As you start to offload work that you currently have to do, you can look forward to getting more done and move forward building your dream .  This is a huge step forward.

too many hats too busy

Unfortunately, unless you have a system in place to ensure these individuals are doing things the way you want them done these new employees chance of success working for you is significantly compromised. Worse, you may end up both paying a new hire AND doing the work yourself.

Been there, done that? Have you ever said, “it’s faster for me to do it”?

How then, when you are already so busy, do you find the time and resources to stop long enough to ensure success for both you the employer and the newly hired employee?

get it in writing

If you happen to own a well-organized franchise and/or have fully developed your policies & procedures manuals, training becomes easy.  If not, consider having each new hire help you document the systems for you as they learn them. Before you know it, you will have all the most important tasks that each employee is responsible for in your operations manual ready for the next hire.

Having your employees involved in the documentation and continuous improvement of systems empowers individuals to positively contribute to your company’s success. Invite new hires to be curious and to ask questions during training on why you do things the way you want them done.

Do think be

Your training system needs to include process AND purpose. Show your team what you need done and include why you believes this is the best way to do. At the same time, be open to questions and feedback on better ways to do things.

Be sure to create a checklist of systems that are essential to document and master, it makes the learning much more fun if your employee can see their progress by checking each one off the list.

Training your team ensures that you can keep your promise to your customers and is a huge step forward to greater personal freedom for you.


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