Do Business Coaches Really Work?

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In the age of Google, when we don’t know something, we turn to the internet. One of the top search phrases for business owners looking for help from a coach is: “do business coaches really work?”

Having watched the transformation of over 400 small business owners in my own coaching practice, I can say with resounding confidence that YES having a business coach works and this is why:

  • Being the owner of a business can be lonely, even if you have a team working beside you. Having a coach works because it gives you someone you can honestly share what is really going on without anyone else knowing.
  • Chances are you know what you need to do to fix problems in your business. Having a coaching conversation with someone trained to ask you the right questions helps to give you the confidence to make those hard decisions and take action.
  • You no longer have the full burden of thinking everything through on your own.

Coaching vs. consulting

Coaching is different from consulting. The best way to differentiate between the two helping professionals is “Consultants TELL , Coaches ASK”. A consultant will come in and tell you what to do to fix your business. They may get it right or they may not. Coaches ask you questions until you fully understand where you are and then ask more questions about a plan to move forward.

Asking for help

Have you been in this situation? Often small business owners are too busy to even realize they are in trouble. When this happens, small business owners may wait too long to ask for help. Stressed and struggling, small business owners are looking to find help anywhere they can get it. They need help now, and they need help fast.

You are not alone! If you need support, reach out to the team at Systems Business Coach®. We offer a free 1-on-1 90-minute coaching session. Try it for yourself to see if having a business coach works for you!

There is always a way to move forward. You don’t have to be trapped in your business forever.

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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