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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program all about?

Organized & Profitable™ is an online leadership and business development course facilitated by professional certified business coaches following a proven curriculum designed to help busy business owners struggling with the demands of owning and running a business profitably. This program is designed to:

(1) help get you organized so that you have better control over the work that needs to be done so that the business doesn’t take over your life AND

(2) get your company profitable so that you can gain greater tangible rewards for your efforts.

The primary focus of the material, tools and templates is to strengthen your leadership, documenting systems, understanding your finances, building a productive and happy team and effectively marketing to the right audience for growth.

Founded in 2015 by Systems Business Coach® Founder Beverlee Rasmussen, this program uses both digital tools and live interactive weekly conversations to engage a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in a well-paced, success focused eight-month process.

Why this program now?

Too many small business owners are “volunteering and donating” to their companies resulting in excessive and unnecessary stress, financial hardships and lost time to be able to do the things that may be more important in your life.

What can I expect?

Each session of the course is led by our trained coaches who engage with students in individual and group work. The course includes ten 90-minute lectures, thirty 60-minute group working sessions plus five 1:1 private coaching sessions over an eleven month time frame. We generally have a ratio of one coach for every seven students. During the sessions, each student is encouraged to share the results of the assigned projects in a private forum on the Organized & Profitable site. Coaches hold students accountable by personally following up and supporting the completion of all assignments.
The program is synchronous, with regular deadlines, group discussions, and face-to-face video calls. It is entirely based online, with students participating from their home or workplace.

How much does it cost?

The tuition for the program is $595.00 CAD per month for 10 months (total $5,950.00 CAD) or $495.00 US per month for 10 months (total $4,950.00 USD). BC Small Business owners are encouraged to apply for the Canada BC Job Grant that may cover up to 2/3 of the cost of tuition. Other Canadian provinces have similar grants that may help with tuition.

Who are the instructors?

The course is directed by Certified Executive Business Coach Beverlee Rasmussen who facilitates the first lecture in each month of the program. To learn more about our Certified Systems Business Coach team members, you can check out their bios.

How will taking Organized & Profitable help me?

This program will let you focus on the most important strategic work that needs to be done to get organized and profitable. For 10 months you will have a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs to lean on for support along with a coach and hundreds of tools, templates and strategies that we already know work. No longer alone, the learning and actions taken in this program will move you towards achieving your goals in business.

What if I’m already too busy?

This course was designed specifically for really busy business owners. We know that working strategically on very specific elements of the company is the only way to break free from busy. As you work through the program and put the systems and structures in place, you will be free to be the owner of your company and not the company’s busiest employee.

What can I expect?

Expect to have fun, be inspired, be supported and gain huge confidence in your ability to run your company. Expect to attend all or as many classes as possible. Expect to be challenged to complete five hours or more per week of strategic work designed to get your business more organized and profitable.

Who is the ideal Organized & Profitable candidate?

Attending participants are primarily entrepreneurs that currently own or are starting a business and who have made a commitment to themselves to firmly take the lead to make their business more successful in whatever that means to them.  Ideally you already have or are planning on hiring employees and have a basic understanding of how business works.

What are the time zones available?

Currently all classes are scheduled for Thursday mornings at 9:00 am Pacific Time (12 noon Eastern) starting January 4th, 2018.

What is the BC Job Grant and are there other grants for non BC Business owners?

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments entered into a Labour Market agreement to support training of small business owners with the goal of creating jobs and stimulating the economy. Each province has it’s own program and you are welcome to contact us to discuss how to find out if this program is covered under any grants in your area. We encourage our American and International friends to source out any local government or other programs that are offered in your area that might help.

What are the requirements to be admitted?

This program is designed for business owners, their partners and/or a team member that have full authority to make decisions to build and strengthen the company. It won’t be as helpful for participating team members who are not able to make decisions and changes.  Additionally if you have been in business for at least 3 years and have or are planning on hiring employees then this is a perfect fit.

Is the program open to participants from outside North America?

Absolutely. The principles of running a business are universal and we all struggle with the exact same challenges.

What kind of support do you offer students who are having trouble with the course material?

The Organized & Profitable course includes 2 hours of 1:1 coaching, small group coaching sessions, peer support in a private group forum, plus email support from your coach. We are here right beside you every step of the way.

What is your class attendance policy?

It is to your benefit to attend all classes. We record each session and post those recordings within 24 hours. When you miss a class your coach will be following up to make sure you are on track for the following week.

Will the course follow a curriculum?

Yes! We are very proud of the work and results of the effort put into designing the curriculum for this course. The word we use to describe the curriculum is “pragmatic”. It is practical, it is relevant and, when followed, it works. We have had a positive experience working with over 200 clients in the past 6 years and have personally spoken to over 3,000 small business owners worldwide. You won’t find a more practical, relevant course curriculum anywhere. With the goal of replicating her success in building, running and selling a profitable turnkey business, founder Beverlee Rasmussen painstakingly, with passion and rigour set out to discover the most essential elements of building a strong company.
The material focuses on moving a business owner out of the day-to-day work to a place where you are orchestrating, designing and improving the work that happens in your company. This gives you a choice to do the work that you love the most without being forced to have to be there for the company to be profitable.
Author Rasmussen set out following strict adult learning guidelines using Blooms Taxonomy to create the curriculum, tools, templates and worksheets to ensure that students fully Know, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and are able Create their desired outcomes for each and every process.

Will I have to travel for any course related activities?

All training is done virtually. Participants may, at their own expense and time, choose to meet outside of the program.

What is the usual class size?

Up to 42 participants for this Cohort meeting together 1x month, and a maximum of 12 participants in the weekly small group classes.

How much time can I expect to spend on program work each day?

There will be 5 hours of work each week which can be done all in one day or 1 hour per day. Unlike academic courses, any “homework” is focused directly on strengthening your own company.

How often are sections of the Organized & Profitable held?

Our intention is to hold this course three times per year, in January, March and September with start dates being announced as they are finalized. If you’re interested in the dates available for future sessions, enter your email here.

Does Beverlee Rasmussen personally teach the course?

Yes! Our founder created the course and designed all of the projects. Beverlee teaches the first class of each module once per month for 90 minutes with the remaining 3 classes done in small groups with our Certified Systems Business Coaches.

What is included in the program fee?

Included is a 120 page Organized & Profitable™ workbook along with a copy of How Business Works, A Graphic Guide to Business Success by Alexandra Black.  There are 10 lectures, 30 small group meetings, a customized graphically beautiful vision statement created by our on staff designer, custom systems, position agreement and performance plan templates with your company logo already on them. All course materials are shipped to students before the program begins.

What types of payment are accepted?

We can set you up on an auto-debit system for your monthly tuition fee. You also have the option of paying by credit card or Paypal.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a limited number of spots per session. Withdrawing after securing your spot prevents us from filling your seat with another candidate who is eager and ready to join. Cancellations or deferrals received within 2 weeks of the program start date may be subject to a cancellation fee of one month’s tuition. If within 30 days of starting the program you are not 100% satisfied, you have the option to withdraw from the program and get a full refund.

What if I want to talk to one of the coaches before I decide?

We are here to answer all of your questions, discuss your unique business situation or to say hello so you can get to know us better before signing up. Please feel free to call Sandra for more information 1 (604) 818-1895.

How do I sign up?

This link takes you straight to our no-obligation application page. We can’t wait to meet you!

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