How to Be the “Go-To Expert” in Your Field

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“Who knows you?” That’s a very different question from, “who do you know?”

If you want to be the “go-to expert” in your field, how many people know what you do and who you do it for?

Does your name come up when someone asks, “Do you know someone who…?” or, “Who is the expert at …?” or “Who would be good for …?” (Fill in the blank with your line of work.)

Would you be dismayed at the number of people who don’t know about you?

The first step to becoming the “go-to expert” is to become known for what you do! 

How to Grow Your Personal Network and Get Known

You want your connections to think of you first when they need someone in your profession. Here are four ways to take direct action and become known in a way that means business.

1. Take your mayor to lunch.

Anyone in your own community who comes into contact with scores of people each day needs to know you and understand exactly what you do and who you do it for.  Start with the mayor and go from there – your chamber president, city councilman, and so forth.

2. Have a verbal “tagline” that describes what you do when someone asks.

For me, it’s “we help small and independent business grow.” It’s what I do and who I do it for. By the same token, when you’re being introduced or introducing yourself (which you should do all the time!), state your name and what you do.

For me, that’s “Catherine Pietrow, small business development.” The conversation starts from there. And don’t save this gem for networking events. Use it everywhere: waiting in line, school events, getting your hair cut.

Joining a community service club can help grow your business.
Joining a community service club can help grow your business.

3. Follow up with people you meet who really need to know you.

Dash off a quick email, make a fast call, or best yet, have a business postcard or fold-over card that you send to them that says “Great to meet you.”

There is no need to be “sales-y.” Your goal is for them to know you. This is a totally underused and magnificently effective way to be remembered, especially the handwritten note. You will be the stand-out.

If you don’t have personal access to those who need to know you, make use of that LinkedIn account you set up. Ask for an introduction from someone in your network who does know them, then send them a message.

4. Ask other people about their work, then really listen and ask questions to show that you’re listening.

If you’ve followed number 2 (see above), you may not even need to talk about your business unless it’s relevant to the conversation.

Asking others great questions about their work shows that you’re really interested.  You will be remembered as that great person from (insert your business name here) who made them feel heard.

Human memory relies on emotion. This is a way to make a memorable connection.

Make Better Connections

No one likes the feeling of being “sold to.” Reach out to begin a conversation, instead of just promoting yourself.

This is not a one-shot sales pitch where you drone on and on about yourself.  You’re looking for areas of overlap and a relationship-building conversation.

So now, who knows you? How many people can you add to this number this week? Prioritize the list and go get ’em!

I’m curious. What is your most effective way to add to the group of “who knows you”?

I encourage you to connect with our community by leaving your comment below… and sign up for our weekly strategies to help you systematize your business for more ideas to make your business great!

Till next time,

–  Beverlee


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