Is Becoming an Entrepreneur Hard?

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Without a doubt, being an entrepreneur can be really rewarding and at the same time it can be really hard.

Entrepreneurs by the nature of the job, are always in a state of fight or flight, either moving towards something good or away from something bad. Think new client (good) or a bounced loan payment (bad).

Being an entrepreneur will grow and stretch you in ways you never expected.You’ll experience the joy and terror of thinking, am I going to make it? 

You are likely going to have to work harder than ever and be faced with more learning and growth challenges than any formal education could provide. You’ll always be learning. There is SO much to learn. It humbles you, yet it makes you so proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

Yet in all the chaos, there’s the creative tension of a better future. An opportunity to grow, an opportunity to make a difference in the world and an opportunity to leave a legacy. When done right, a small business can be profitable and provide you with personal and financial freedom.

It’s an honour to be a small business owner. It’s hard work and it’s important work.

It is hard work, but does that mean you need to learn the hard way?

There are proven ways to become prosperous and free—the dream of every entrepreneur.

Yet, in reality, entrepreneurs put their entire physical, emotional and financial life on the line for their business— while only knowing part of what’s required to be successful. This lack of knowledge is the reason why the small business failure rate is so high. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Business owners who are prosperous and free have the knowledge, support and confidence to build companies that work using proven business practices.

Small business owners all around the globe make the same mistakes and learn the hard way, often at a huge personal and financial cost.

There are proven ways to organize the operations of your business for optimal results. I’ve dedicated my life to making these proven systems accessible to any aspiring or current business owner. I’ve come up with four key components you need to leave the hard way behind: coaches, courses, cohorts and a trusty guide.

With these four components at your side you will become a successful entrepreneur faster and easier than if you went at it alone.

  • Coaches – Many entrepreneurs are paralyzed by the thousands of decisions they need to make to keep their company thriving, by speaking with a coach you will have a sounding board and confidence to move forward.
  • Courses – Forget theory. Our courses use pragmatic steps you can actually use on your own business as you learn. There’s no guess work with our systems.
  • Cohort – Most entrepreneurs feel lonely when they start their business because they are the only ones their vision and drive. By working with a cohort you can connect with like-minded individuals and feel inspired to keep going.
  • Guide – This comprehensive guide breaks down complex business ideas into simple language with practical steps. You can always refer back to this guide years into running your business.

Ready for the next steps?

This combination is the most effective way to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. Working with your Systems Business Coach® content, coach and cohort lets you be proactive and avoid costly mistakes altogether.

Yes, being an entrepreneur is hard, but you’ve just found the easiest way to do it.

Learn more about all of Systems Business Coach® offerings here:

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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