What to do when your business

Is it as simple as making sure your people know WHAT do do?

Why People don’t do what they are suppose to do (from Coaching for improved work performance by Ferdinand F. Fournies) as analyzed from 25,000 supervisors and managers around the world responding to the question of why employees don’t do what they are suppose to do.

  1. They don’t know what they are supposed to do.
  2. They don’t know how to do it.
  3. They don’t know why they should do it.
  4. They think they are doing it (lack of feedback)
  5. There are obstacles beyond their control.
  6. They think it will not work.
  7. They think their way is better.
  8. They think something is more important (priorities)
  9. There is no positive consequence to them for doing it.
  10. There is a negative consequence to them for doing it.
  11. There is a positive consequence to them for not doing it.
  12. There is no negative consequence to them for not doing it.
  13. Personal limits (incapacity).
  14. Personal Problems
  15. Fear (they anticipate future negative consequence).
  16. No one could do it.So guess what? The first item on the list is given as an answer first or second 99% of the time!!

Eliminate a lot of frustration for you and your team….learn how to create basic systems and structures so that your people can shine!  I’m pulling together a Systems Basics course for South of the Fraser Area businesses….write me if you are interested in becoming more systemic!  Beverlee

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