Never too late to get started

It's never too late to get started

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Ok so you didn’t do it yet…it’s never too late to get started.    The wonderful thing about life is that today is a new day and today you can choose your actions in this moment.  One small action at a time towards your goal. I recently read an e-mail  I wrote to my own coach from August of 2008 when Systems Business Coach™  was only a dream. …”I’m scared. Thanks for your faith and support. I can see a tiny light and want to move in that direction so badly. If I let myself imagine what it looks like I see relief and appreciation on the faces of the business owners that I want to help. I see myself writing my own program for success that I can test and continually improve.”

Today I am very close to reaching my dream and already the program is  having a significant positive impact on small business owners worldwide.  It has been and still is a long wonderful journey with many twists and turns taking one action  in the direction of my dream at a time.

What you have to offer this world is important….what are you dreaming about?  Today is a great day to start!


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