How to Manage Your Personal Energy as a Business Leader

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No time management course or app is going to help you get more done unless you understand, respect and manage your own personal energy and attention style.

Making the most of the time you have each week to build and grow your company requires connecting purpose with action and structuring your day so that you have time to engage in what is really important.

Busy worker- manage energy not time

What helps is respecting your natural rhythms, building on previous successes, using technology to support scheduling, and systems to keep you organized and stress-free.

Many entrepreneurs get so busy that they forget to eat and then wonder why they have no energy. I don’t need to say that you need food if you want to think straight!

Putting systems in place so that you can easily find things is a great strategy for getting more done in a day. On average up to 2 hours are wasted every day on things like:

  • Having a messy desk
  • Not being able to find things
  • Missed appointments
  • Being too tired or unable to concentrate
Time Management

Strategies for time and personal energy management

  1. Focus on results, not work
  2. Do one task at a time
  3. Delegate
  4. Don’t over commit
  5. Establish a routine
  6. Do not postpone “bitter pills”
  7. Turn off device alerts

Align your actions with your purpose

The most important factor when we are talking about time and energy management is remembering that TIME = LIFE. What is the purpose of your actions? Making sure that what you are doing with your time is what you want to be doing with your life helps make everything right.

Businesses can be set up big or small, with or without you being there. Decide how much energy you personally want to give and work towards that balance.

Until next week, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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