The Top Qualities of a Good Leader for a Better Small Business Experience

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What are the qualities of a good leader? As the leader of your business, how you show up sets the tone for the rest of your team. It also affects customers’ perception of your business. It is a lot of responsibility.

Becoming aware of your own assumptions, values, principles, strengths and limitations that you bring to the table as the leader of your company is essential. This awareness allows you to adjust and shift as needed to reach your dreams and inspire your team. Being aware of your leadership style creates a better experience of your small business for everyone including yourself, your team and your customers.

Below are a few examples of qualities of an effective leadership style.

Leadership round icon_qualities of a good leader

Which of these qualities resonate most with you?


A strategic leader looks ahead. They have information, data and systems to accurately make informed decisions about their company. A good leader knows the difference between tactical and strategic work. They create time in their schedule for strategic tasks.


A confident leader makes decisions. They are level-headed and instil the same cool confidence into those around them through clear communication, education, and trust.


Delegation is a key skill for any business leader. Sometimes it feels easier to just do everything yourself. Yet at the end of the day, your business and your well-being will be better off if you take the time upfront to provide guidance and positive feedback for others to complete a task. Good leaders know that they are not only growing their business, they are also growing the careers and skills of their team members.


Business leaders who have a habit of letting others know they are doing well, often have more motivated teams. It’s also important to appreciate yourself and all the hard work you do. Are you paying yourself a fair market wage? Do you get vacations? Small business leadership is a long process that takes time and love. You are learning, growing and changing as you go!

Listens and responds

One of the many qualities of a good leader is their ability to ask effective questions. People learn from questions and generate more possibilities for your company because of them. A good leader listens to their employees’ responses and acknowledges their point of view.

Knows their business

A good leader is also informed about their business. They know how to read their financial reports and understand the data from them. They understand their current market and where their business fits in it. Also, leaders know their company’s strengths and challenges as well as their competitors. They have goals and clear KPIs to measure their success.

What are your thoughts?

How many qualities of a good leader do you feel you have? Which ones do you see room for growth?

You are a good leader and with each day, you become a better one. Keep going!

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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