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“A world where all business owners have the skills, tools and confidence to positively contribute to a healthy world economy, creating meaningful employment while maintaining personal prosperity and freedom”

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I can grasp the issues in my business now, and go on the offensive. Our income has more than quadrupled, and we’ve won awards for both growth and profitability. Our staff has tripled, and well as the number of customers in our portfolio.

Transparent Solutions Owner Andrew Lawrence

I’ll never forget that first meeting with Beverlee. She listened to my story, taking notes, and asking questions. She started drawing boxes on paper and started inventorying these abstract ideas and feelings and turning them into concrete objectives. After that one meeting, what was once was a giant ball of knotted ugliness now had definition and contrast with a beginning and an end. All the problems and issues were still there, surely, but I could grasp them now, and go on the offensive. I had something to work with. I had goals now and they had a timeline and could be measured!

Here we are five years later, and Beverlee and I still talk every Thursday. I look forward to our discussions just as much now as I did when I had all of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Our income has more than quadrupled, and we’ve won awards for both growth and profitability. Our staff has tripled, and as well as the number of customers in our portfolio.

By using the tools that you gave us we have structured our business and put more emphasis on working on the company rather than in it. We have broken down our company into a "franchise style model" and developed it from the ground up.   Even if you think you know everything and your company is doing well. Let SBC show you how you could make it even better!

To whom it may concern in regards to hiring a Systems Business Coach as your personal Business Coach-
DO it.
Your business (and your life) will never be the same !
My coach is  extremely invested in each and every person she meets and has a keen eye for seeing past the present moment to a brighter future and will equip and empower you to reach your goals!

What if anything has changed in your business as a result of your coaching experience?

Everything has changed.   I believe Beverlee may have taken a diamond in the rough...which is defined as someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd.

The phrase is metaphorical and relates to the fact that naturally occurring diamonds are quite ordinary at first glance, and that their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process.

She helped refine my business...

The Systems Business Coach program gave me a lot of clarity. It was the revelation that I needed to identify the elements of my business that needed to be cleaned up. Post-coaching, I took new approaches to interacting with clients.  The concept of systematizing my process was the best take-away. The program has felt like it set me on a new course towards my goals: making more personal time in my life, and learning to work smarter, not longer.

I think it's an excellent idea to hire Beverlee. She warm, smart, experienced and cuts to the core of what's going on. I have described my experiences to other and they have said they need to follow in my steps and get guidance from Beverlee.

Beverlee came highly recommended as a business coach that could help us systematize our fast-growing business. We needed that support so it was a no-brainier.

I feel like our company is more organized, which will be essential if we continue growing at 100% each year. I have a better overall view of the organization, which helps me guide my team. We have started to systematize our organization through a Wikipedia format specific for our company.   If you are looking to accelerate your business growth, make sure you hire a Systems Business Coach first.

If you want success - and really success is based on having the right systems and strategies, then Beverlee is the expert to make that happen. I have experienced these results over and over again as well as watching other people that have used business coaching and systems to achieve massive success and results. I can't recommend her highly enough to people "stuck" in their business!

Concentrating and launching my business was a lot to focus on, so having a business coach helped me look at the overall picture and vision. While focusing, scheduling and having accountability to manage milestones, systems and work flow.

What if anything has changed in your business as a result of your coaching experience?

My beliefs, dreams and visions for the business was something that I always wanted, and sometimes when your so involved in it, you can loose your focus and the overall picture. The result of having this business coaching experience kept me on track and let me take breathers to step outside the picture, look in and see what I have created.

I learned the importance of working ON my business and not just IN it. Work ON your business and create jobs for other people. Don't be a slave to your business and spend all of your time working IN it. If you are unhappy with your business and want more out of it, as well as more out of your life in general, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Beverlee @ Systems Business Coach.

What if anything has changed in your personal world as a result of your coaching experience?

I am more optimistic about the present and the future because I can finally have a life.



Working with a business coach has improved our Company Culture. We have learned the important of team work and how you treat people.  We liked the fact they were seriously interested in our journey and the positives and negative we experience and what they were willing to do to support us.

If you have a desire to improve, absolutely work with Beverlee as she is a good listener and astute person who will at proper timing provide good direction. Do get to know her and do not maintain secrets as holding them does you little good.

What if anything has changed in your business as a result of your coaching experience?

I have assumed  full control and am working hard at holding personnel accountable for their activities.

Coaching can give everyone a deeper clarity of all areas of your business. It helps you look at and work on long term goals daily.   My coach assisted me in understanding that I know what will be successful in my business and to stay focused on that, and find my confidence around being firm with others regarding my business model.

Beverlee is not only an amazing business coach, but an amazing person. I believe she can help anyone get on the path to success if they are willing to try.

I have gained the confidence to go out and find new clients again. I have also learned how to step back in your business and look at what systems are broken and how to overcome those issues.



I Believe She Can Help Anyone Get On The Path To Success If They Are Willing To Try.

My business coach has given me the confidence  to move forward with my business. I have the experience of working with her and probably my biggest take away was that I do not have to do this alone. I now know that no matter what challenge I come across in my business, I know that there is someone out there that can help me move through it. There are answers, and for that I am grateful.


If someone is even remotely considering hiring you as a business coach - they should do it!! I had expected a coach to be cold and corporate. Instead, you are warm, sympathetic and only tough when necessary. Our entire team has improved morale and confidence.


What if anything has changed in your personal world as a result of your coaching experience?

1) I am not afraid to be a confident leader. I know to listen and have others (employees or clients) feel heard and understood.

2) We are implementing systems regularly and, as we work on projects we devise effective systems for managing projects. The feeling of chaos and lack of confidence is gone.

4) Our improved confidence is allowing us to reach out to new clients, and not be scared of new chapters for our business.

I'm able to relax and enjoy my free time more. I would previously feel anxious whenever I wasn't in the office. It's ok for me to now take the time to breath and enjoy life.

I have a better understanding of what I WANT!

Knowing that someone cares about what is going on in my business and my life.   We discuss ways of finding a solution that works and look at preventing bad situations from happening again by implementing systems.

Over the past five years working with Beverlee..

I have grown my team
I feel more organized
I'm a more confident leader
I am making more money
I have a better understanding of how my business works
I better understand my company financials
I am more clear of what my product is and where it fits in the market
Getting new customers is easeir now
I have started using and documenting systems in my company
I have more freedom

I appreciated the one-on-one coaching and being able to get direct advice that related TO MY BUSINESS. Beverlee was a wonderful instructor - very encouraging, inspiring and motivational.

Yvonne Wong

Your ability to ask us some hard questions without judgement and offer a different perspective for looking at some of our business situations.

"I would recommend strongly for anyone to work with you. You are an inspiring coach with fresh ideas, encouragement, just the right amount of sass, and a sincere commitment to helping your clients find the most successful path."

What if anything has changed in your business as a result of your coaching experience?

Things have definitely streamlined in many ways (though many more to go), like buying habits, pricing formulas, more effective delegation. I feel, in general, I am more inspired by my business and have a realistically happier, more hopeful disposition regarding it. You have helped us understand more about the cost side of the business. We have successfully cut costs by 25% over the past year and you played a huge role in that.

I was able to take a step back and "snap out of" the circle I was in. I feel refreshed and ready to  carry on.  I feel reminded of the other important things in life besides the business and feel like I am able to balance the priorities better.

What would you say to someone thinking about hiring me as their coach?

You are a life saver!

You have my best interests at heart!

You are very professional and efficient. Honest and truly working to make the quality of life and business better for the person you are coaching.



Describe how working with a business coach has improved your business skills

1- Leadership: working with my business coach helped me find the right hire and put the systems in place to create a great working relationship.

2- Beverlee was integral in helping me put systems in place for my company to create consistency in volumes of business as well as being able to service those volumes as promised.

3- Beverlee was able to get across the importance of keeping records, knowing where my finances stand at all times so I can measure my business results.

4- Beverlee helped me with my WHY so that the people in and around my company know what we stand for and that has helped create a culture in my business.

5- Beverlee has helped me understand the importance of lead generating activities and what I need to do to engage my clients (past and present) as well as my referral partners

What if anything has changed in your business as a result of your coaching experience?

Since working with Beverlee I've had new doors open up, I've broken down barriers within myself that have been there for years and realized I have everything I need to be successful.


Beverlee is  AMAZING!! She will have you thinking about your business in ways you never thought of. She will keep you accountable and will not accept excuses for anything. She sees things outside the box and systematically tackles every aspect of the business that is working less than optimally. She has systems and templates for everything and it makes the process efficient and exciting. In her no-nonsense and completely supportive way, she will quickly have you either owning a smoothly-running, prosperous business you love, or you will come to the realization that it is not for you so you can sell/get out of it and onto your true calling successfully.

Beverlee's energy and brilliant ideas!  She has the ability to connect personally and then empower us to go new places!

What would you say to someone thinking about hiring me as their coach?

Do it!  I tell people everyday this experience has been therapeutic for me!  I am better to work for, more confident and clearer in the direction we are headed!  So valuable.



"Because of the systems coaching method,   I know that projects will take less time.  My level of procrastination has lessened as I know I can tackle things easier/faster."

"We will be able to draw on this for years! What we may not have found useful at the time will be useful next week, next year…each system builds onto another one."

About you:

Kutula, “in South African, means peace; and peace is what the founders of Kutula Kiss want to share with the world through something as simple as fun, trending jewellery.”


What has been your favorite life/business lesson or take away from our meetings?

"Systems work! Make it work the first time then repeat repeat!

What would you say to someone thinking about hiring me as their coach?

DO IT! best single one thing you can do today to put your company in a better position to succeed

Jamie's story:

Beverlee is a great  speaker, she makes complex issues understandable, uses life stories to illustrate issues, draws on audience to engage them for input.  She was truly interested in my business and making me succeed.

It is time to get  your business

organized and on track financially?

This is Your Year to Get the Business You Want.

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