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Systematize Your Business – Sales

Doing “marketing” is only half of your business development process.

The other half is figuring out , now that you have their attention, how to easily get your prospects to buy from you.

Converting shoppers to buyers requires a system for follow-up. This is not about being pushy, it is about building relationships.

People buy from people and a business they trust.

Building trust takes strategy, action and time. Often small business owners don’t ask for the sale or stay in the relationship with a prospect long enough to naturally allow the sales process to complete.

Let’s explore not asking for the sale, a common practice.

Let’s say you spend your weekend at a trade show promoting your company. Chances are you will have spent several thousand dollars and have had to give up your precious weekend. In your marketing plan you had a draw and collected names. What are you going to do with those names? Do you need to make some phone calls? Will you add them to your data base and send them valuable information that you know will help them?

Complete the sale

You must have thought there was an opportunity for a sale or you would not have bothered spending all that time and money at the show. This is the biggest sales mistake I see, not following up to build a relationship with prospects that will lead to an eventual sale.

Jeffrey Gitomer , North America’s best sales Trainer famously says:

“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy! ”

Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey is right, no one likes “In your face sales people”, but we do love to shop and buy things. And, don’t assume that just because someone hasn’t bought from you yet, that they are not going to.

We are all busy, all a prospect may need is a little nudge from you in the form of a friendly phone call or email especially if you know that what you are offering will help them.

When I owned my travel agency, people often would plan years in advance for special vacations, long before prices or airline seats were available to buy.

Our sales system included a future travel registry that we reviewed daily to ensure our team was the first agency they heard from when product and prices became available.

Retailers do this well with regular discount coupons, martial arts schools offer a free trail and carpet cleaning companies offer to do extra work for the same price. At some point your prospect will be ready to buy and if you are not in that relationship in some meaningful way the sale will go to someone who is. For many service products, all your prospects want is someone who is willing to stop long enough to help them buy what it is you are offering.

For small business owners who don't like sales

When strategizing about your lead conversion or sales system include a way to stay in touch. Make that contact valuable to them so that when they are ready to buy you will be top of mind.

What is your system for selling?

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