145 Small Business Theme Ideas For This Year and How to Choose Yours

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You may think of a theme as something saved for parties or English essays. Did you know it’s also an effective tool for leading your small business?

A theme is a simple thing. It’s a recurring idea that shows up in all your business goals. When you identify your theme, it acts as a guide.

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks and last-minute projects. The stress starts to build and the endless list of “to-do’s” never seems to get smaller. When you have a theme for the year, it helps you prioritize and focus on big-picture goals. Using a theme you can delegate and re-prioritize tasks and projects.

Not only is a theme good for you as the leader, but it’s great to help motivate your team. A theme acts as a guiding idea so that everyone knows what they are working towards, which gives them purpose. And it’s well documented that purpose is a key factor in motivation.

coming up with a business theme idea

How to choose your business theme

An annual business theme doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to feel right. What’s your big picture goal? What recurring idea keeps coming up in every meeting lately?

An easy way to structure your theme so it’s clear for everyone is to keep it short and memorable. Imagine it needs to fit on a bumper sticker. It’s helpful to start brainstorming your theme by starting off with “This is the year of_____” or “This is the year to____” and then you can fill in the blank.

Once you know your theme (or if you need help deciding), reach out to your team for feedback. You want everyone aligned with your vision and goals. If your team doesn’t agree on your theme, then perhaps you are missing something.

For example, last year at Systems Business Coach®, we focused on developing our products. This year we want to focus on selling them. So I thought our theme could be, “the year to make money“.

While the idea was on track, the actual words were not very inspiring. Yes, making money is important, but the team felt our theme had to mean something more than just making a buck, it required a sense of purpose. I had to turn back to the drawing board.

That’s when a friend gave me a coffee mug as a gift. Written simply on the side was the word “grow”. Then it clicked for me. That’s what we needed to focus on this year. And when I shared it with my team, it resonated with them too. “This is the year to grow“.

grow business theme idea on a mug

List of business theme ideas

I understand not everyone gets their theme gifted to them on a mug! If you aren’t sure what your business theme is this year, here are a few (145!) ideas:

This is the year of/to…

  1. Systematization
  2. Finishing projects
  3. Starting projects
  4. Product development
  5. Marketing
  6. Systems thinking
  7. Systems development
  8. Team building
  9. Prosperity
  10. Peace
  11. Network
  12. Connection
  13. Accountability
  14. Financial growth
  15. Balance
  16. Streamline
  17. Perseverance
  18. Creativity
  19. Money
  20. Operations
  21. Small steps
  22. Trust
  23. Sewing seeds
  24. Align my business with my values
  25. Generosity
  26. Collaboration
  27. Curiosity
  28. Innovation
  29. Education
  30. Gratitude
  31. Freedom
  32. Meeting goals
  33. Nurture
  34. Community
  35. Dedication
  36. Risk-taking
  37. Stability
  38. Pro-activeness
  39. Fun
  40. Abundance
  41. Persistence
  42. Reputation building
  43. Building equity
  44. Focus on process
  45. Strategic thinking
  46. Confidence
  47. Listen and respond
  48. Personal mastery
  49. Wealth
  50. Release
  51. Appreciate
  52. Share
  53. Dream
  54. Discover
  55. Design
  56. Focusing on solutions
  57. Managing energy
  58. Family
  59. Profit
  60. Communication
  61. Change
  62. Team learning
  63. Health
  64. Analyze
  65. Intention
  66. Taking action
  67. Global leadership
  68. Structure
  69. Service
  70. Attracting customers
  71. Positive thinking
  72. Selling
  73. Motivation
  74. Empathy
  75. Reliability
  76. Belonging
  77. Maximize revenue
  78. Production
  79. Workflow
  80. Technology
  81. Understanding
  82. Consistency
  83. Marketing globally
  84. Customer experience
  85. Evaluation
  86. Organize
  87. Plan
  88. Lead
  89. Guide
  90. Build
  91. Quality
  92. Giving back
  93. Transitioning
  94. Time management
  95. Save
  96. Take care of yourself
  97. Work-life balance
  98. Rewards
  99. Cash flow
  100. Decrease costs
  101. Expansion
  102. Order
  103. Compensation
  104. Positive attitudes
  105. Support
  106. Update
  107. Scale
  108. Define
  109. Strengthen
  110. Boost
  111. Commitment
  112. High performance
  113. Implementation
  114. Renew
  115. Revive
  116. Inspire
  117. Documentation
  118. Showcase
  119. Contribute
  120. Culture
  121. Being present
  122. Digging deeper
  123. Retention
  124. Customer satisfaction
  125. Keeping promises
  126. Distribution
  127. Promotion
  128. Joy
  129. Courage
  130. Preparation
  131. Tenacity
  132. Enthusiasm
  133. Passion
  134. Forward movement
  135. Potential
  136. Conviction
  137. Continuous improvement
  138. Knowledge
  139. Contribution
  140. Reflection
  141. Recognition
  142. Delight
  143. Engage
  144. Choice
  145. Openness

Share this list of business theme ideas with your team!

What’s your theme going to be this year?

Until next time, enjoy your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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